How to Sharpen the Blades of a Meat Grinder

How to Sharpen the Blades of a Meat Grinder-Manual and Electric

If you and your family love to eat fresh meat kebabs, pasta and beef burgers so you must know the value and knowledge for meat grinder machines. It helps you to provide fresh meat grind with in few minutes.

Meat grinders are of two types: one is manual meat grinder and the other one is electric meat grinder. No matter what kind of meat grinder you have but you are bound to sharpen the blade of meat grinder for good results of grinding.

Sharpening the blades is not so difficult but needs some keen ideas that how to do it at home avoiding too much cost. If you have meat grinder so you must aware from how to sharpen the blades otherwise it costs you in dollars.

This process is used for home grinder machines but if you have a professional machine which you used on a big scale so, please consult with the professional. It may also cost you in bulk of dollars but in this way you can use it for a long time easily so please do not risk on it.

There is way to sharpen the blades of meat grinder so it means no need to replace the whole machine. During this process you must have to take precautionary measurements for your own safety and be careful about machinery tools otherwise machine will not work properly. Any kind of damaging may lead to wasting of your money.

Let’s move to the guide without wasting much time:

Sharpening the Blades of a Meat Grinder – The Best Way


There are few tools that are required for sharpening the tools and as well as cleaning the inner part of the machinery for better results. Also tools are required for your safety measurements as well so here they are:

Hand Gloves

These gloves help you from any sudden injury. This task is safe as well as harmful if you do not take any precautionary measurement so this is very essential for your own safety.

Lukewarm Water

Water is for deep cleaning. When you will open the machinery so it’s possible there is some kind of grease or dust that is also causing in smooth running of that machinery. Lukewarm water helps to clean the dusty particles from machinery. Also machinery should be place near the sink to rid of dust and for stable surface to get good results.

Piece of Cloth

It helps to clean the parts of machinery. Just dipped into lukewarm water and then applies it on machinery. It removes the greasy part to use two to three times.

Sand Paper or Sand Stone

It is one of the main essentials to sharpen the blades. If you are going with sand paper you cut it according to requirement and then slide that sand paper back and forth to sharpen the blades. When you reach at your requirements so you stop it.

If you use sand stone so place it at correct place so that it works well. In this you have to hold blade so carefully and move it on sand stone in back and forth position till you reach at exact level of sharpness.

Tool Box

A tool box requires for both meat grinders, manual as well as for the electric one. It helps you to open the machinery and help you to bring out the blade so that you can sharpen the blade easily.

Through this you must bring out the screws of the machine that’s also very important for you to reassemble the machine so be careful about these tools and screws.

Steps for Sharpening

Some steps are different for manual and electric meat grinder while some are same as one another. Here are some steps involved in sharpening the blades of a meat grinder.

Start with the Stable Surface

The first thing is to choose a stable surface and it must be clear, open and wide surface so that when you are performing your task for sharpening the blade, it does not slip from your hands and for any further mishap.

Test the Blades

Before start the process of sharpening, you must test the blade that how much sharpness required for your blade because excess of sharpness can damage your grind machine and less sharpness will not work smoothly so it may cause problem for you. So testing is the compulsory point before starting the process.

Start Sharpening

In this process there is no change in manual and electric meat grinder because in which you got a blade out of the machines and you must know how much sharpness is necessary for your blade. Blades can be of many types like manual grind machinery’s blade has four sides in which you have to set the angle of 45-degree.

If sand paper doesn’t not work properly, you need to cut it according to the space in which sand paper fits properly and perform its task.

After rubbing it properly check the edges if they are sharp enough then stop otherwise repeat this process.

When you satisfied with the process then you can stop the process. Please be careful in this process because blade can harm you and it cause serious injury and excess of sharpening the blade is also the waste of your machinery usage so at this point, please be careful.

But in electric grind machinery you have to use tool box to open it and separate the blade from machinery after that just repeat the process which helps you in manual grind machinery as well.

In which blades are of different kinds that has four sides, three sides and sometimes two sides as well so cut the sand paper according to your requirement and rub it till you reach at your required sharpness. When you reach at the demanding sharpness then you can stop it.

Cleaning the Parts

After using the sand paper some dusty particles appear so it must have to clean it again. Using the piece of cloth which is already dipped in lukewarm water will help you to get rid of dust particles and help to clean the machine properly.

Reassemble it Nicely

After doing all the cleaning and sharpening the blade you must have to be careful to close it in the right way otherwise machinery will not work properly.

So, in manual meat grinder you have to remember the steps of assembling the machine and follow them to reassemble the machine.

On the other hand, in electric meat grinder you have to be careful about the screws because one screw is missed so it may cause a big problem for you so be careful in it.

Besides this, in an electric meat grinder you have to join the parts and put screws in it and tight the screws with help of tool box and doing it till you reassemble the machine properly.

What to care for while Sharpening the Blades of Meat Grinder

These meat grinders are used to mince the meat and sometimes it also used for mince the nuts, beans and many more but basically it named as a meat grinder machine. Basic purpose is to tell you that it has sharpest blades and some other sharp parts.

So, following precautionary measures must be followed in order to sharpen the blades.

When you open meat grinder machine so there are so much sharp blades so handle it with carefully.

Use hand gloves are essentials. Also make sure hand gloves are not slippery otherwise it leads to an injury.

Another thing is to choose a stable surface so that you can do your work properly because imbalanced surface can damage your machine.

These machineries are very tricky to handle but once you got the right way to handle it, they are good to go.

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