Best Electric Smoker under 300

Best Electric Smoker under 300-{Reviews 2021}

Questing for the best electric smoker for under 300 dollars in the market is not an easy task to do, especially when you have such a strict budget constraint. In other words, every beginner faces almost identical problems in choosing the best electric smoker like is it possible to have a complete smoker for under 300 dollars or will it work, etc.

Recently, I wasted thousands of dollars in the search for the top electric smoker under dollars 300 available in the market by personal experimentation.

Then I concluded that I must categorically enlist the best electric smoker under 300 dollars in the market for their distinct qualities like temperature range, ease of use, easy to maintain, and versatility of cooking based on my personal experience.

So let’s hover to the list without wasting more time on the list of the best electric smoker in the business under or about 300 bucks.

Best Electric Smoker under 300

Image Product Details   Price
Masterbuilt Smoke Hollow 30162E Grids: 3-Chrome Platted Grids
Temp Range: 100F-400F
Weight: 47.2 lbs
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PIT BOSS PBV3D1 3 Series
Grids: 3-Chrome Platted Grids
Temp Range: 100F-400F
Weight: 66.5 lbs
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Char-Broil 17202004
Racks: 4 Adjustable Racks
Temp Range: 100F-275F
Weight: 50.2 lbs
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Masterbuilt MB20073519
Racks: 4 Adjustable Racks
Temp Range: 130F-275F
Weight: 54 lbs
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PIT BOSS 77220
Racks: 3 Adjustable Racks
Temp Range: 150F-325F
Weight: 58 lbs
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1. Masterbuilt Smoke Hollow 30162E -Best Overall

Best Electric Smoker under 300

|19.91 x 22.49 x 37.79 inches|

|47.2 lbs weight|

|Steel Material|

|Corded Electric|

|Manufactured by Outdoor leisure products|

|Adjustable Temperature Control|

|Black in Color|

|3 chrome-plated adjustable cooking grates|


Smoke Hollow 30-inch is our top pick for a reason. Its size, cooking style, stable power consumption and ergonomic design with compatibility and quality food output makes it our top pick.

Now the days are gone when you are far away in getting your desired food results as the smoke hollow electric smoker will cook your hamburgers, ribs, pork parts, fish, chicken and the food you want in a lesser time with desired results.

The consistency in heat temperature will give your food a tender shade keeping it rich in its flavor.

Besides this, quality features mentioned below makes it as one of the best value electric smoker under 300 dollars.

Compact Size

The easy to fit dimensions allow you to take it where you want for some outdoor party. Therefore, it is easy to carry and transport from one place to another. The dual-sided handles make it convenient in carrying easily.


3 cooking trays, magnetic door-fastening system and 3 temperature settings are there to do value addition in the unit. Besides this, painted steel wood chip box and porcelain-coated steel water pan put some extra value in the smoker.

Steel Body

The unit is built with a steel body which makes it more durable as compared to other smokers in the same price range.

Temperature Settings

The unit comes up with 3 temperature settings. It will reach 300 approx within an hour in its medium settings. After more than half an hour at 300, the temperature will climb to over 400. So, the approx. Temperature ranges from 100-400 or above.

  • Meat does quickly in the smoker
  • Consistent with the heat
  • Easy to Use
  • Material of Smoker is relatively weaker
Editor’s Verdict

Netting of various pros and cons, this product is the best in the business under 300$. For instance, if you are the beginner and don’t want to spend the bulk of dollars, it merely fits you. You can cook delicious foods like barbeque, ribs, pork, turkey, chicken, beef, butts, fish and brisket can be cooked till tender.

It is one of the best outdoor electric smokers under 300 as it is not suitable for indoor use for its smoke emission nature.


What is the highest temperature it can reach?

This smoker can reach upto 475F. However, the avg temperature it can easily attain is 300-350.

What is the age of the heating element?

The age of a heating element depends upon the use of the smoker. Generally, the heating element lasts for 3 years if it is used commercially. If your intent is to use it domestically, it will last more than 5 years.

What is the best strategy to keep wood chips wet from dripping?

Most of the smoky food lovers deliberately dampen the wood sticks to some flavor to get the same flavor in the food. However, if you do not like to make the sticks wet, you can use the cover which comes along with the smoker.

The dipping will not affect the flavor of your food.

What is the maximum capacity of the smoker?

If you are willing to use it commercially, you are in the wrong place, my friend. You can cook whole chicken, turkey, 10 lb brisket if you cut it in two, pork butts. Moreover, it has 3 racks which are enough for a family and a small gathering at your home.

Does the exterior get hot while smoking?

There are handles to hold the smoker if you want to. It is not recommended to touch the exterior during the process. However, the exterior just gets warmer but won’t burn your skin.

2.PIT BOSS PBV3D1 3 Series -Runner Up

Best Electric Smoker under 300

|20.5 x 22 x 47 inches dimensions|

|Manufactured by PIT BOSS|

|Corded Electric|

|Made of Porcelain|

|66.5 lbs of weight| 

|Double Wall blanket insulation|

|Digital Control Pane with LED read out|

|Locking Castle Wheel|

|Comes with Meat Probe|


Your backyard smoking has become more innovative with this Electric Smoker. It includes an automatic meat examination for checking the internal temperature of vegetables and meat.

The new wrap-around lower component lets users increase smoke and control smoking temperatures.


Its innovative design is better than a classic smoker as it has an uprising stand for easy loading and unloading, a racking system that has multiple positions that ensures whatever you want to cook you have enough space for it.

The ease of use makes it the best easy to use electric smoker under 300 dollars in the market.

The capacity to fill flavor into your smoker is comfortable with the big front-load wood chip tray, offering up to two hours of cooking time per load. The higher ranking ground up arranged design gives you the ability to reach lower lows and higher highs.

One of the best smokers for beginners for use under 300 is in town. User-friendliness is at the apex as you can control the smoker with its LED display which is supportive for a newbie. You can bake pizza and vegetables for a temperature ranging from 100-400 F.


Following are the features of this smart electric smoker.

  • The 1650 Watt smoker has a large front window that helps get rid of filmy cooking.
  • It has 684 square inches of porcelain-coated cooking racks, in which castor wheels are locked also it has an easy to read digital dial, a large meat examination window with a high-temperature door seal, and a beautiful silver finish.
  • Easy to reach external porcelain-coated wood pan
  • LED readout with push-button digital control panel
  • Double-walled covered insulation lets you smoke from 100 F to 400 F which will give you crispy skin on poultry or that fantastic bark on beef and pork.
  • It also includes five porcelain coated cooking racks, 1008 square inches porcelain-coated water pan.

Above all, the best-elaborated features make it one of the best electric smokers under 300 dollars in the views of reviewers and its long term users.

  • LED external panel and buttons are workable even in the daylight
  • Porcelain coated build
  • Convenient and innovative design
  • Ample space for family cooking
  • Comes up with meat thermometer

  • The temperature fluctuates and does not remain consistent.
  • Takes more time to reach the required temperature.
Editor’s Verdict

There are some complications in opening up the chip drawer. However, it is of the best smokers for the price and ease of use in the market.

This smoker is innovative than others and covering all the things a smoker should have. After personally experimenting with this smoker, I would say that it is the best electric smoker for under 300$ if you are going to smoke lamb or beef ribs.

All kinds of meat, whether they are of a lamb or beef steaks will melt into your mouth, leaving a never-ending appetite and flavor, once cooked in this smoker. Use it outside your home and start it at least 1.5 hours before cooking for an optimal experience.


Can you put the thermometer in and leave it while smoking?

Yes, you can put a thermometer in to check out the inner temperature of the meat. But you must use the thermometer which is capable of bearing higher temperatures.

How many watts does it consume?

This unit has a 1500 watt heating element. You can easily use it on a 15amp circuit with no issue.

Does this smoker have water pan with it?

Yes, this smoker comes up with a water pan to keep your food juicy and intact the flavours.

Does this smoker use wood chips or pellets?

This smoker uses wood chips. But wood pellets are recommended to use.

Does it automatically shut down as the food cooked?

No, it is not integrated with AI. It can only shut down at the time you set for.

Does this smoker have Bluetooth?

No, this smoker won’t come up with Bluetooth.

Can it be used inside?

Yes, it can be if you have a proper chimney to take the smoke out. If you don’t have well-designed management to take the smoke out of your house, we won’t recommend using that.

Is it insulated?

No, this smoker is not insulated.

3.Char-Broil 17202004-People Choice

Best Electric Smoker under 300

|50.2 lbs weight|

|16.50 x 18.10 x 32.50 inches dimension|

|Stainless steel material|

|Silver in Color|

|One year Warranty|

|Removable food thermometer|

|Come up with 4 racks|

|Dual-tone finish|


No worries if you are to cook for a party. Here I experience the best electric smoker for a party under 300. All four racks can hold 10 pounds of meat with a 725sq inches cooking space.

You need to cut and set ribs on a whole rack to fit them on the rack inside the smoker. For good smoking the wires on each rack are placed with a big gap to support the meat rightly

The smokebox is large, which can hold wood chips. The large space lets you smoke from four to seven before there is a need for a refill. Instead of standing near the smoker for many hours, you can do other things with this ease

Although the water pan is removable, it should always be placed right when you use the grill even if the water pan is empty. Adding water to the water pan while smoking helps in keeping the meat moist and the pan is large enough which will do its job by filling once in a shift.


Here are the features of this beast.

  • Automatic Turn off and on the system.
  • Advanced control panel with easy read, blue LED display
  • Double-wall construction which is insulated
  • A food thermometer is removable.
  • Large stainless-steel fast locking for a smoke tight seal
  • Stainless steel and glass door, dual-tone finish
  • It includes handles and wheels to move it quickly.
  • It comes with remote control, which can operate the smoker completely.
  • The food remains warmer for a long time until it removed.

  • Easy Start up
  • Remote Control System
  • Front Glass for transparent view
  • Easy Readouts and Digital Control
  • Durable as made of steel
  • Best Insulation
  • Some assembly is required
  • Display is not clear in sunlight

Editor’s Verdict

Here we bring the best smoker in the market for party boys. No matter how big your gathering is; char broil, with four racks, is enough to do the job alone. The meat thermometer technology enables you to check the temperature of the meat via remote or directly.

The result is so precise and accurate as you can imagine. In the glass version, you can see what is going inside the smoker for a better experience of food. All the features it has presently made it the best electric smoker under 300 for aged people.

Some minor problems occur with the remote-control system as its connection to the smoker is not consistent. Otherwise, it is the best smoker within the price range.


Will it be fit for a 20lbs meat chunk?

Yes, you can cook upto 25lbs of meat chunk at a time. If you are to go for the taste in the food, go for max 15 lbs meat chunk.

What will be its performance in the colder temperatures?

This smoker unit is an all-rounder. You can use it in every environment. However, it would take long to get warm-up in significantly colder places.

Can we use it in some wooden surfaces?

Yes, you can use it on a wooden surface. But being a professional cook, I would not like to recommend you to do so because the heat coming out of the smoker may create fire in the wood.

How much smoke does this produce?

This model will create quite a bit of smoke as the walls of the smoker are insulated, so there will be no escape of the smoke out of the smoker.

What is the highest temperature this smoker can touch?

This smoker can reach upto 275F temperature.

Can we preset the temperature to preheat it?

Yes, for sure you can turn it on to the desired temperature before placing the food inside.

4.Masterbuilt MB20073519 Best Brand

Best Electric Smoker under 300

|19.88 x 20.66 x 33.46 dimensions|

|54lbs weight|

|800W heating element|

|Stainless Steel Body|

|Black Color|

|Bluetooth loaded|

|Chrome-Coated Smoking Racks|

|2 air dampers for smoker control|

|Built-in Meat Probe Thermometer|

|Thermostat Temperature Control|


Fulfil love for the barbecue with the beast Masterbuilt MB20073519 for it is rated as the best electric smoker for a barbecue under 300$.

You can use smoker much meat inside it. There are 4-racks which provides an optimized space for 6 Chickens, 2 Turkeys, 4 Pork Butts and four racks of ribs.

What more a pro can want if a smoker already has a Bluetooth and a meat-probe thermometer. You can control your smoker even with your smartphone if you are away from the location. The attribute makes it the best Bluetooth electric smoker under 300 dollars in town.


Winning hearts of foodies are now more comfortable with this model as it produced required food. People loved melting steaks and ribs, which is difficult to attain without a built-in thermometer.

Stainless Steel builds up makes your choice more perfect as it will last you for the years.

An attached wood chip leader leads you not to open the cabin and makes you secure from any injury. Besides this, it makes removing of ash quite convenient and easy.

With the wood box, you will surely get plenty of smoke in your food. The aroma will be fully smoky and mouth-watering for even a vegetarian.

The removable drip pan catches excess food dripping along with rear grease tray.

  • One-sided wood chip loading
  • Huge Capacity to smoke
  • Consistent temperature
  • Thermostat temperature control
  • Built-in meat probe
  • Bluetooth Technology loaded
  • Digital display

  • Some assembly required
  • Bluetooth is not consistent
  • LED dims in day light

Editor’s Verdict

A well-designed electric smoker costs under 300 bucks. I experienced this smoker as a pro. It is all in one package for big meals. The flavors just soaked into the meat and aroma of smoky texture arises as the door opens ups.

Its display and Bluetooth system are not as good as they must be and dims out in sunshine.


What outlet to be used for this smoker?

This smoker is suitable for a regular 110 V outlet. There is no need to get a new one for this.

How long will the wood chips last?

The durability of wood chips depends upon the conditions. On average, the wood chips last for about 45minutes.

Does the heating shut down when the programmed time ended?

In this smoker, the timer is not linked with the heating feature. You have to shut down the heat manually.

What is the range temperature setting for the smoker?

The maximum temperature setting for the smoker is 275F. Whereas on the lower side it is 100F.

Can we set a delayed start with this smoker?

No, this feature does not come up with this model.

How many briskets can I smoke in a single shift?

You can smoke two briskets if you separate the point and flat.

Does this smoker come up with a remote control?

No, you can connect via Bluetooth with your smoker.

Does this model come up with broiler and wheel?

Yes, this model comes up with them both.

5.PIT BOSS 77220 2.2-Best Analog

Best Electric Smoker under 300

|21.5 x 23 x 41 inches dimension|

|58lbs weight|

|Porcelain coated water and wood pans|

|Manufactured by PIT BOSS|

|150F-325F temperature range|

|1500W heating element|

|Analog Control Dial|

|Single Element BTU Value|

|Three-Cooking Racks|


Pit Boss 772200 2.2 Analog Smoker is the sign of innovation and integrity for the brand.

Possessing three cooking ranks and 561 sq in of cooking area can give you an outlay of smoked food for your small family.

The analog meat probe gives an idea of temperature via a dial fixed at the top of the down of the smoker.

External access to the wood pan enables you to put the wood sticks from outside, keeping the temperature of the smoker maintained.

You can smoke your meat, pizzas and vegetables without any hassle in a single go.

In its 3-racks space, you can smoke the ribs cage, steaks, chicken, turkey, brisket, butts and variety of vegetables.

Marination will be fully absorbed in the food, experiencing you an ultimate experience of taste and satisfaction.

There is a big wood chip drawer which supports in putting a big chunk of wood chips at once.

  • Easy to Clean
  • Large water pan and wood chip drawer for time-saving
  • Convenient control system
  • Cheap Spare parts
  • Consistent with temperature
  • Hard to maintain temperature beyond 250F
  • Takes time to assemble

Editor’s Verdict

Pit Boss always cares for their customer, yes, they have excellent customer service among all.

When you love to get the ribs leaving the bones or brisket completely textured and soaked in flavors, you need slow cooking. This smoker is the best value smoker under 300 dollars for slowly cooking your food.

PIT BOSS is a bit complex to assemble yet durable and good value product.


Is there any need to use the probe with this smoker?

Yes, without it, the smoker won’t give you the optimal result.

Does this smoker turn off automatically when it reaches the required temperature?

No, you need to turn it off automatically when it reaches the required temperature.

Can we use it inside our house?

There are specific requirements or pre-requisites for using this indoor. You need to make a chimney outlet for that and proper construction.

Can we cook jerky in this smoker?

Yes, for sure you can smoke jerky in this smoker, and it works great.

Can we use wood chunks with this smoker?

You can use wood chunks and wood chips as well in this smoker. However, the use of wood chips is recommended.

What is the best electric smoker under 300 dollars in 2021?

Searching the best electric smoker in the market is not a piece of cake for a newbie. When you are new in the field you remain confused on what you actually want for your backyard to smoke on.

Here, me and my research team have technically experimented on various smokers and list them out categorically on the basis of their capacity, ease of use, price, temperature range, handlings, sizes, weight and brands.

Being a young professional, i noted down all hurdles and problems which a new commer can face choosing the best smoker in the market.

Isn’t it a serious matter when you have a price constraint of 300 bucks only? You can get a pro smoker if you can afford to spend thousand of dollars. But, yes, it is a matter of price now. So, here we list out top champs which can satisfy your quest in various dimensions.

  1. Masterbuilt Smoke Hollow 30162E 30-Inch Electric Smoker with Adjustable Temperature Control
  2. PIT BOSS PBV3D1 3 Series Digital Vertical Electric Wood Smoker
  3. Char-Broil 17202004 Digital Electric Smoker
  4. Masterbuilt MB20073519 Bluetooth Digital Electric Smoker with Broiler
  5. PIT BOSS 77220 2.2 Analog Smoker

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