Best Steak Knives 2021

14 Best Steak Knives – Reviews and Buying Guide

When smoking is your passion, you can’t take any step for granted in preparing your meal. Specially when it comes to the most loved BBQ “the steak”. No matter what method you are going for to cook your steak, cutting and trimming can never be spared. Even when your food is ready to eat, your friends will always be looking for some strong, stylish and sharp blade to cut the steak for quick intake to kill the hunger.
Cutting short, the value of a good knife while cooking can never be neglected. So, what you think are the most important attributes that a knife must have to cut your food in aromatic slices. Sharpness, size, handle, blade hardness and much more to look for before buying the best knife for steaks.

In this article I am going to share the list of the best steak knives you must have in your kitchen specially if you have regular encounter with steaks.

Best Steak Knives 2021

Best Overall
DALSTRONG Steak Knives Set AUS-10V Super Steel
  • Features: 0.25lbs Weight, 67 layared, Corrosion Resistent, Fiber Glass Resin Handle
  • Benefits: Low Maintainance, Easy to Clean, Pointed Toe, Time Saving
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Runner Up
DALSTRONG Steak Knife Set with Folding Block–Gladiator Series
  • Features: 1lbs Weight, German Steel Handle, Lifetime Warranty
  • Benefits: Eay to Use, Easy to Clean, Handle Polish Spine
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Editor’s Choice
Imarku MovFull Tang Handle Serrated Steak Knife Set 5Cr15
  • Features: 1.95lbs Weight, 4.5” Blade Size, Micro-Serrated Blade Edges
  • Benefits: Triple Riveted Handle, Visually Appealing, Rust Proof Blades, Pakka Wood
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Best Value
Mercer Culinary Genesis Forged Steak Knife Set
  • Features: 1.8lbs Weight, Taper-Ground Edge, Limited Lifetime Warranty
  • Benefits: High Carbon German Steel, Taper-Ground Edges, Ergonomic Santoprene Handle
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Seller’s Choice
Imarku German Stainless Steel Premium Serrated Steak Knives 5Cr15Mov
  • Features: 1.77lbs Weight, 5” Blade, Full Tang Blade, 6-Piece Set
  • Benefits: Versatile, Well_balanced, Easy Manuever
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Best Durable
La Cote Japanese Stainless Steel Steak Knives Set
  • Features: 3.44lbs Weight, 9.2” Size, 2mm Thick
  • Benefits: Japanese Stainless Steel, Rust Proof, Durable
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Best for the Money
Messermeister Avanta Fine Edge Steak Knife Set
  • Features: 5” Blade Size, German Stainless Steel, Plain Curved Blade Edge
  • Benefits: High Quality Steel, Sharp like Razor, Easy to Wash
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Best under 50$
Rada Cutlery Utility Steak Knives with Aluminum
  • Features: 0.84lbs Weight, Aluminium Handle, Lifetime Warranty, Made in USA
  • Benefits: Silver Aluminium Handle, Stain Resistant, Light Weighted
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Best Carbon
OOU High Carbon Stainless Steel Serrated Steak Knife Set
  • Features: 1.74lbs Weight, 4.5” Length, Serrated, FDA Certified
  • Benefits: Ebony Wood Handle, Full-tang Blade, Easy to Clean
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Best Surgical
Emojoy Steak Knife Serrated German Stainless Steel Steak Knives
  • Features: 6.4lbs Weight, Triple Rivet Polymer, 1.8mm Blade Thickness
  • Benefits: German Stainless Steel Blades, Easy to Clean, Pointed Toe
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Best for Dishwasher
KitchenAid KKFSS4ST Classic Forged Series Brushed Steak Knife Set
  • Features: 4.5” Size, 0.9lbs Weight, Manufacture in China
  • Benefits: Serrated Razor Sharp Edge, High Carbon German Stainless Steel, Full-tang Blades
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Best for Gifts
Chicago Cutlery Fusion Steak Knife Set
  • Features: 1.71lbs Weight, 4.5” Blade, Life Time Warranty
  • Benefits: Stain Resistant, Easy to Wash, Life Time Warranty
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Best Design
Trudeau Laguiole Steak Knives with Pakkawood Handles
  • Features: 2.69lbs Weight, Pakka Wood Handle, Eastern Style, 05-Years Warranty
  • Benefits: Made with the Pakka Wood, Serrated Blades, Moisture Resistant Handle
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Best Inexpensive
TRENDS Premium Steak Knives Set
  • Features: 1.1lbs Weight, 5” Size, Fully Serrated, Money Back Guaranty
  • Benefits: Smooth Bolster and Straight Spine, Low Maintainance, Easy to Clean, No Sharpening Required
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1. DALSTRONG Steak Knives Set AUS-10V Super Steel

|Size: 9.45 x 0.91 x 0.08 inches|
|Weight:0.25 pounds|
|size of handle: 110mmm|
|size of blade: 130mm|
|Handle: fiber glass resin|
|Warranty: life time|
|Angle: 8-12 degrees per side|
|67 layered Damascus|
|Corrosion resistant|
|Liquid nitrogen cooled blade|
|1% carbon|
|15% chromium|
|1% molybdenum|
|0.2% vanadium|
|1.5% cobalt|
|0.5% manganese|


Many people love to eat steaks on and off and for that they need a perfect and a sharp- knife. The shogun series X chef knives is aesthetically stunning and extremely sharp provides a perfect match to cut the steak in a very proper way, first of all its size is 130mm that helps you to hold it properly.

Edge provides a retention to cut longer. China is the hub of these knives makers for many past years. They made these knives with the ultimate steel to perform flawlessly.

Ultra- premium G10, highly impervious to heat fiber glass, ergonomic handle shape for the control grip, long- term use, carefully polished by hand and a very modern in look. More or less seventy-five thousand people switch to these knives just because of their high quality.

The angle provided is 8-12 degree to maintain the balance of the knife with 66 layers of premium high carbon to protect the knives from rusting. Nitrogen cooled for harness and corrosion resistance is another best part of these knives.

Shogun series x chief knives are very popular in the past few years. The company also provides a BPA polymer sheath to ensure your fingers and blades are save, the sheath is beautifully embossed and the most interesting feature is that it has a pin locking mechanism to make the sheath more attractive.

These knives are also provided by a crystalline structure and the flexibility for exceptional edge retention. These pieces of cutlery are very useful for any dinner parties.

Many companies provide a warranty of either 2 or 3 years but Dalstrong provides a life time warranty on a very reasonable investment so that you and your generation will enjoy the same pleasure that professionals used to enjoy.

  • Low maintenance
  • Easily cut through the steaks
  • Very easy to clean after use
  • Blade angle is perfect
  • Pointed toe
  • Very reasonable price
  • Save your time by cutting the steak perfectly in the first attempt
  • Polished finish
  • Hard blade
  • The hand gets tired sometimes because of the weight

Top Tip

Suppose you are working with a type of meat or anything that has a lot of bones these are the best knives for you. Although, now a days these are the most selling product in the professional market. The only drawback that knives contain a hard blade but no problem these have the sharpness as well so that you would be easier to work with, both the raw meat or a cooked meat these knives work perfectly on them.


Editor’s Verdict

As the price of these knives is worthy according to the quality most of the international – professional chefs recommended these high-quality knives. I would also recommend you as a buyer to buy them for a long-term investment. The sharpness of these knives make them different and unique from other cheap knifes. Among all the quality features of these knives, the most highly appreciable is that they provide a high-quality box for making sure that the product is safe and sound.

2. DALSTRONG Steak Knife Set with Folding Block – Gladiator Series

|Size:44.5 x 32.8 x 38.5 inches|
|Weight:1 pound|
|Handle: German steel|
|56plus rock well hardness|
|Blade: ceramic|
|Blade edge: Serrated|
|Warranty: life time|
|Angle:14-16 degrees per side|


Most of the people used to spend their time in kitchen. Knives are the essential use for the kitchen. Cutting a perfect meat means you can cook food perfectly for that you need a knife.

The gladiator series knives are the best one you work with at home or in a restaurant also a best luxury gift to give your partner mother and father who feels that cooking is a pleasure to soul. The gladiator series knives provide a perfect cutting edge, beautifully design performed outstandingly at this reasonable price, also have a perfect bolster for grid.

Blades of these knives are tall, sharp, have chromium and German steel. These knives have the hollow dimples on the blades to making sure that the meat is cut-off from the blade perfectly. The astonished ABS polymer-handle beautifully designed by the engineers makes the knife more eye catching. All the knives are engraved with a logo of the company. Very easy to clean after use, the shape of the handle is beautifully manufactured so that you can hold the knife comfortably during cutting and these knives have a polished spine.

These knives are triple riveted for long durability. The hardness of the knife is like rock. The angle of these knives is 14-16 degree per side and they are also provided with full tang for extra strength. The edges of these knives are pointed, also company has made a beautiful solid oak wooden block with a company name steel plate on the bottom of the block. The box protects the little hands from any accidents.

These knives are the best for luxury parties and dinners especially when meat is the main course of the meal to impress your guests and enhance their enjoyment. If you want a chef type perfect cutting, these knives gives you the pleasure.

  • Easy to work with
  • Made with G10 German steel
  • Have hand polished spine
  • Bolster for perfect grid
  • ABS polymer-handle for grip
  • Beautifully engraved
  • Rock-hollow dimples for better cutting
  • Easy to clean

  • Size is quite bigger for laying down in the kitchen drawer
  • The design of the knife box is little odd and seems odd
  • They do not provide a scratch free blade

Top Tip

In these days not even females but also males love to cook for their families. Cooking is an art good looking food looks tempting and attractive for the food lovers. These knives must be use-full when you put them in their wooden box not in a drawer, as everyone knows old is gold so that sometimes old look unique, scratches make the knife look older but not a big problem company gives you a life time warranty. You just have to wash the knife with cold plain water.


Editor’s Verdict

In this hustle and bustle everyone seems to be in a hurry to want the perfect machine or utensil for their kitchen so that it would help them to do work efficiently and do not take so much time. For that you have the perfect solution to buy and invest on these knives. I recommend everyone who feels that cooking provides pleasure to you should buy this beautiful set of knives for long term investment. And the most helpful part of knife is steel-handle, very easy to grip and very sharp so that you can freely cut the steak meat.

3. Imarku MovFull Tang Handle Serrated Steak Knife Set 5Cr15

|Weight: 1.95 pounds|
|Handle made with: PAKKA wood|
|Size of blade:4.5 inches|
|Dimession:10.5 X 8.8 X 1.3 inches|
|Blade: German stainless steel|
|Blade edge: micro-Serrated|
|Warranty: Life time|
|Corrosion and oxidation resistance|
|Rock well hardness:56 +/-2|


When you think about entertainment the first think comes in your mind is having a party with friends and the second think is food. Food comes with Bar BQ and the Bar BQ comes with steaks for loved ones.

For cutting the perfect shape you need to have a perfect knife. IMARKU steak knives provide a pleasure of cutting, the blades are made up of German stainless-steel means that they have the power to absorb the high temperature, fully tang, their micro-serrated steak knife gives you the perfect cut through the steak without breaking the meat into tiny pieces.

These are also useful to cut the bone meat and other material. The engineers smartly designed the handle with PAKKA wood (it is an inexpensive wooden core with the layer of high- quality wood) so that it will be comfortable for the human hands. The triple riveted handle provides the knife super solidity. The thickness of these blades is 1.8 mm.

These knives have handmade grinding V edge. Knives are engraved with a IMARKU name on the shiny steel blade makes them more eye catching. The rock-well hardness (HCR) 56+/- 2 is the other best part of it, they do not get rusted because of the high-quality steel.

These knives come with beautiful and attractive luxury box so that you can give your loved ones durable, long lasting gift. Very easy to clean after use. The company provides a life time warranty in case of scratch on your blade or any kind of misshape happen. This knife is a long-time investment once you buy it you will never regrets. Beautiful gift for partner or yourself.

  • Made with PAKKA wood
  • Blades are made of high carbon stainless steel
  • Triple riveted handle
  • Nicely engraved with a company logo
  • Come with attractive knife gift box
  • Rust free blades
  • Visually appealing
  • The space between the handle and blade is perfect

  • Need out of the box Sharpness

Top Tip

The 4.5inch steak knife is the best knife for the steaks and other cutting material. Although it is one of the best knives available in the market. As long you put them in a safe place and not pulling it straight through the cutting board make the tips safe. The classic part of the knife is the engraving on the blade looks attractive while cutting. A perfect gift to the house wife who love to cook food for their children. This light weight knife makes the cutting faster and easier for use.


Editor’s Verdict

Me as a common human being loves to get the pleasure of the professional chefs. Buying this piece of set is the best experience I have ever get in my whole life. The blade of these knives is very sharp so that you can cut flawlessly. Reasonable price according to the quality. The handle is made with PAAKA wood make the knife tenderer so that it should not get slip from your hand while cutting and gives you a comfortable grip. The micro serrated edge makes the knife ultra-sharp for cutting any kind of meat. After use you just need to clean it with the small amount of water and dry with the paper napkin.

4. Mercer Culinary Genesis Forged Steak Knife Set

|Weight : 1.8 pounds|
|Edge: Taper-ground|
|Material: High carbon German steel|
|Dimension: 8 X 1 X 10 Inch
|Handle: Santoprene Ergonomic design|
|Warranty: Limited life time|
|Certification: NFC knives only|


Food is essential as the oxygen. Many people spend their whole life to find the best food or you can say the best recipe, mostly people eat food by looking the garnish and the presentation of the platter.

If you are a steak lover and fond of the knife to cut perfectly like the professionals then these Mercer Culinary steak knife set is the best money investment for the kitchen. These knives have sharp blades which is ideal for cutting the steaks.

For over 30 years the company Mercer Culinary is making the very high-quality and the value-driven knives for the professionals and the food lovers. These knives are made with the German steel, high carbon material, free form the rust as every knows the rust makes the knife less durable.

The engineers design them in a very clever way so that you will not get tired after use. The ergonomic santoprene handle of these knives gives a comfort to the hands and are also provided a non-slip grip.

The handle is strong so that it will not get break because of cold and the very high temperature. The bolster between the blade and the handle also helps in cutting better and for the better hand balance.

The taper-ground edge of the blades of these knives increases the efficiency while cutting and chopping the boneless or wings etc. These knives are also made for commercial use as they cut the all types of steak meat effectively.

All the knives are engraved with the company logo on the blades in black color looks impressive. These knives are certified with NSF. The NSF maintain the strict standard for the common public health protection by checking them up off and on.

  • High carbon German steel knives
  • Provides a heavy-duty storage roll so that you can take the knife set with you when going for picnic
  • The taper-ground edge help in cutting the steaks perfectly
  • Provides the bolster for better grid
  • The ergonomic santoprene handle provides a non-slip grip

  • The company provides a limited time warranty
  • The size of these knives are not too long as compare to the steak knives

Top Tip

The Mercer steak knives gives you a flawlessly cutting experience. Many professionals switch to this knife because of their teeth on the tip of the blades for cutting the steaks perfectly. The selection of steak knives slice through the steaks efficiently. The chrome handle with the poly plastic is good to grip the knife. The company provides a limited warranty but not a big issue because one you buy this elegant piece you will understand that it’s life time investment. Their size is good for putting them on dining table when surviving the steaks.


Editor’s Verdict

Everyone wants to buy a good product, if someone is paying a handsome amount, they expect a good and a standard product for their everyday use. Most of the people eats the steak because of their perfect look and cut the Mercer culinary steak knife set is best for them. Their sharp blades cuts through the meat so flawlessly. The engraved on the blades makes the knives classy. It is easy to put them in a drawer or take them with you on a picnic parties or outdoor Bar BQ. 

5. Imarku German Stainless Steel Premium Serrated Steak Knives 5Cr15Mov

|10.32 x 6.82 x 1.5 inches Dimension|

|1.77 pounds Weight|

|6 Piece Set|

|HRC 55+/-2 |

|5’’ blade length|

|4’’ handle length|

|Serrated Blade Edge|

|PAKKA wood Quality Handle|

|Full Tang Blade|


If you are looking for the longevity in your steak knife, this is the smart choice of you. Built up with high quality stainless German steel, this steak knife is highly oxidation and corrosion resistant.

Acquiring a top 5 position in our list, this steak knife with its serrated attribute is best to cut steaks, lamb chops, chicken, pork, pizza, fruits and everything you name it for your kitchen.

High quality PAKKA wood handle is adoptable to your hands and provides ergonomic grip to your hands. The quality is good enough to last for decades if maintained properly.

Unlike many knifes this knife can’t retain any scratch on its surface. The thick an durable stuff won’t break and lasts longer with you.

Since it is superior solidity, you don’t need to worry for the blade banding.

If you are conscious of the aesthetics, this knife is literally appreciated by the buyers for its design

The product is designed for the hands allowing users to maintain good balance while cutting raw or cooked meat. Thick foods like steak have no way to go out as this stuff will pierce into the meat like silk and cuts on the gestures of your fingers.

  • Versatile
  • Easy to maneuver
  • Comfortable Wood Grip
  • Best Value for the money
  • Very well balanced
  • Aesthetical Pleasant

  • If you are looking for the high-end thin blade, it will not suit you.

Top Tip

This knife is perfect and aligns wholly to the litmus test of cutting a pepper-thick slices of tomato. However, if not cured properly you will ruin its durability. For optimal results you should keep in away from dish washer, sharpen it with a waterstone and clean it properly after every use.


Editor’s Verdict

Form cutting a thick piece of steak to slice a soft tomato, this set of knives is simply slayer. You name the item to cut, and this knife will be there for you. Proper care will add durability and increases your competency with the passage of time. Yes, it is not good to switch knives; take care of it and it will never leave you embarrassed.

6. La Cote Japanese Stainless Steel Steak Knives Set

|Weight:3.44 pounds|
|Size: 9.2|
|Blade length: 4.8|
|Blade thickness:2mm|
|Handle: Multi color PAKKA wood|
|Material: Japanese steel blade|
|Blade: Serrated stainless steel|
|storage: Bamboo storage box|


Most of the ladies spend their time in a kitchen and the knife is an essential use worldwide. Steak lovers found in every country and for a perfect steak we need a perfect steak knife. The La Cote company gives a perfect match for cutting a steak for Bar BQ.

These sets are very use-full for dinning as well. The blades of these knives are made with the Serrated Japanese 420J2 stainless steel so that there would be no rust. These blades are finished with a water stone for a high-quality brushed effect.

Their 2mm thickness make the blade more durable, the length of the blade 4.8 is very useful for cutting the bigger piece of steak meat. The overall length 9.2” of a knife is good for the professionals as they use to work with the big knifes.

The sub- zero treated HRC53-54 call it the surgical steel makes the metal more durables so it is almost impossible to break. There is a hand guard bolster which helps in griping the handle and to provide the hand a good comfort.

The handle is made with the Multi color PAKKA wood. Pakka wood is used to make the high-quality handles. This wood consists of an inexpensive wood covered with the layers of high-quality wood that makes it more precious. This wood is very safe for cookware products, form it they make the marble design as well.

The engineers develop the unique marble design with glossy finish makes the knives eye-catching and also gives a moisture resistance finish for the long-term use. The high-end craftsman ship is another specification that make them unique.

The natural color flows through the handle and the glossy finish without any spray polish make the knife attractive for the buyers. The company logo is beautifully engraved on every knife. The bamboo wood storage box makes the knives easy to store after use.

  • These knifes are made with the Japanese stainless steel
  • The handle is made with the finest wood called PAKKA wood
  • The blades are sharp to cut the steak meat both the cooked and uncooked
  • Durable
  • Rust free
  • Bolster is made by the engineers between the knife and the handle for a good grip

  • This knifes are light weight as compare to the other stainless steel knives
  • The shiny polish of the wood get vanished after using in a dish washer

Top Tip

If you wanted to spend money on knives for life time investment then these are the best option for the buyer. You can use them not even cutting the steaks but also for cutting the meats in different shape according to the requirement. The light weight helps to the hand not get tired hurry. The best way to retain the shine is by washing them by hands with the cold water but not in the dishwasher and after that dry them with the napkin. 


Editor’s Verdict

Whenever you think about Bar BQ first thing comes in your mind is steaks. No one wants a grapple piece of meat while eating a steak so for that you need a nice sharp pointed toe steak knife. If you are a big fan of steaks you will have to look these beautiful La Cote steak knives have the sharpness because of the stainless-steel stone finished blades. Their handle is made with the finest wood with the multi color marble design which make them good in look. They provide the bamboo wood box that help the knife for easy storage. This box can be useful while traveling.

7. Messermeister Avanta Fine Edge Steak Knife Set

|Weight: 0.1lbs|
|Size of blade: 5 inch|
|Tip: Upward curved|
|Handle: Pakka wood|
|Size:1 x 5.8 x 10.9 inches|
|Blade: German stainless steel|
|Blade edge: Plain curved|
|Length: Full tang|
|Manufacture: China|
|Warranty: life time|


Steak lovers know the value of steak knife. The common people use the simple knife for cutting the steaks they don’t know which knife is perfect to cut for them this Messermeister Avanta 4- piece 5 fine edge steak knife set is perfect.

When it comes to the best German knife this company stands alone in the market. The knifes are made by the master for the steak master. Avanta is a school in North America who design the culinary tools keeping the price under consideration, these knives are the good investment. This brand is owned by a woman. They provide not only sustainable steak knives but also provide a premium culinary.

The knife is crafted form the high-quality German steel, x50CrMoV15 which means the sharpness is more better form other knives. These are beautifully curved for cutting the boneless meat section by section.

The forged bolster in between the knife and blade gives the comfort to the hand, helps in food grid and added a stability in griping. These knives are sharp like razer form the edge. The full tang of these knives gives a perfect balance.

The 4inch size of the blade is perfect for grip and cut the steaks. These solid economical steak knives located in the heart of the OJAI Valley which is in China. Each knife in the set is engraved with the company logo. This logo enhances the beauty of the knives, also it creates the identification of the knife.

These knives are also provided with the triple-rivet beauties. The handle is made with the Pakka wood. This is a high-quality wood used for making the handles. The company provides the life time warranty to the customers so that they can buy a product freely. These are very easy to clean after the use.

  • Made with the high-quality German steel
  • Forged bolster between the blade and handle for grid and comfort
  • Handle made with the good quality Pakka wood
  • The full tang for the balance
  • Very sharp like razer tip to cut boneless in a perfect shape
  • The handle has a triple-rivet for the grip
  • Very easy to wash after use 

  • The company did not provides a box or a storage roll
  • Get lines on the blades after putting them in a dishwasher after use

Top Tip

Mostly people use wrong knife for cutting the steaks they don’t have the knowledge for selecting the  exact knife for them this steak knife is very good and easy to use and work with so light weighted the hands never get tired after use. Oil the handle of the wood with the mineral oil after using it makes the handle moist and long-lasting. The curve edge helps in cutting the fine steaks. Very easy to store in a drawer after use. If you wash them with the water after use and clean it with the paper towel there would be no lines so this is how the knives will always look new after using them many times.


Editor’s Verdict

Through the steak dinner parties for friends was very difficult for me before these Massermeister Avanta 4-piece 5 fine edge steak knife set. But now my problem is solved because of these beautifully design, sharp curved edge knives. The handle provides the comfort and the fingers never get tired after use. It can also be used on a dining table for cutting the steaks. Don’t put them into the bleach or into the dishwasher after use, just gently clean with the plain water and the knife is ready for next time use.

8. Rada Cutlery Utility Steak Knives with Aluminum

|Size: 8 – ½ inches|
|Blade size: 4 – ½|
|Handle: Aluminum|
|Angle:19 x 171 x 254 mm|
|Blade: Stainless steel|
|Warranty: Life time|
|Manufactured: USA|


When you go to the 3-star or 5-star restaurant you can see the steak knife on the side of the plate. These steak knives are used to cut the meat in a plate. You definitely need a steak knife when you eat fine meat.

The knife often comes with sharp blade and a wood or a serrated aluminum handle. These Rada cutlery so6 utility steak knife set is very useful for giving the gift to your partner on the anniversary. The Rada Mfg. Co is located in Waverly, lowa and has made these knives in USA since 1948.

They provide the customer a valuable knife in the exchange of less dollars. The handle of these knives made of silver brushed Aluminum with the stain resistant so that the knife did not get dusted. These look very beautiful on the dinning when through a party at home.

These knives are manufacture T4 20 using surgical grade. The length of these blades is 4- ½” are made with stainless steel. Engineers design them so perfectly so that the hands never get tired after use. They are hand-sharpened by the manufacturers.

The razor fine edge is used to cut perfectly. It will be useful for cutting the delicious succulent grilled chicken. Their straight edge goes through the meat flawlessly. These beautiful gift set come with the form-fitted flocked insert so that it holds the knife securely.

They are also available in black stainless-steel resin that tolerate the dishwasher easily. Hence are the best steak knives for dishwasher. These are scratch less so they never get old in look. Very easy to wash after use. Just clean with the normal tap water and dry them with towel or napkin.

  • The silver Aluminum handle for long-term use
  • These are stain resistant so no dust come near to the knife
  • The blades are 4 7/8 inch with stainless steel
  • Light weighted so hands never get tired after use
  • Provides the razor sharp edge
  • Come in a form fitted flocked insert for holding the knifes securely
  • Low maintenance
  • Easy to clean after use
  • These knives come in a set of 6 and not individually
  • The blade is thin and little flexible

Top Tip

The steak knives are used to cut the steak it is used commonly for meat cutting in kitchen as well. To get the best result use them in dinner parties or in traveling. In high class hotels they are provided to every guest for enjoying the meal. These knives always come with the set so that you and your family enjoy the restaurant type pleasure. Thin blade is more-sharper then the thick and the flexibilities helps them to cut more freely.   


Editor’s Verdict

As a common user the knives are very good for cutting the steaks. They are very sharp and cut through the meat very smoothly. If you are searching for all purpose knife for the dinning these are the best option. The box helps to secure the knives form the little hands and also save your drawer space. Don’t put them in a dishwasher or dip them in a detergent just clean them with normal or cold water and use the paper napkin to dry them after use and your knife is ready for next time use.

9. OOU High Carbon Stainless Steel Serrated Steak Knife Set

|Weight: 1.74 Pound|
|Size: 4.5|
|Handle: made with Ebony wood|
|Blade Material: stainless steel|
|Blade edge: Serrated|
|Angle: 27.9 x 25.1 x 3.3 cm|
|HCR: 54 +/- 2|
|Certified:  FDA ( Food and Drug Administration) |


Most of the people want the hassle free chopping in their daily routine. The company name OOU made the best knives for the steak. They pass through the knife from the BIO-OXIDATION process from that the knife has a very strong anti- rusting process and is different from other black knives available in the market they provide the black protective cover on every knife in a set so that it can resist the influence of different rusting cause. The black protective cover which looks like a veil over the blade show the classiness.

These knives are made with the high carbon stainless steel X5OCrMoV15 provides the excellent quality. The engineer designed the knives very beautifully for the protection at the HRC 54+/-2 durable in the kitchen while cooking.

These knives are certified with the FDA (Food and Drug Administration). The FDA provides health protection to the common public. The handle is made with the Ebony wood. Ebony comes from the Greek word ebenos.

Ebony name was first used in the 17th century to define a very dark color. Ebony is a very hard dark color wood in South Asia. This wood is the most expensive wood in the world now a days because of their rarity and rich characteristics.

The handle of these knives has the property to absorb the moist and breathable. Their ergonomic design makes the handle more attractive. These knives are the perfect combination of both the parties and for dinner at home.

The precision serrated edges of these knives cut through the meat effortlessly. The blades are full-tang easy to cut and hold. The sharpness of blades is like a razor that cuts through the meat easily.

A great knife set for giving a gift to your love once. The black oxide layer on the top of the blade is very easy to clean after use. The company name is engraved on the blade looks so adorable. The OOU company provides ultimate life time service but they promise you that you will never want it. These knives are the best in such less price. The company provides a black large box for these 6 knives to protect their edges and blade. 

  • The handle is made with the ebony wood that is the world best wood and is rare
  • The Bo-oxidizing process protects the knife form rusting and make them for life time useable
  • Made with the high quality carbon with the anti-corrosion that can never be peel off
  • They are affiliated by the FDA ( Food and Drug Administrator)
  • Full-tang blade
  • The sharpness of the blades are like razer
  • Very easy to clean after use
  • The company also provides a black company box for the storage of these beautiful black knives

  • The wood handle get dry quickly after using them and cleaning them
  • These knives do not work on the frozen meat

Top Tip

These knives are best in parities and for giving the gift to someone special. The blades are too sharp so that you can cut the meat of the steak for the dinner very easily will not took so much time. The precision serrated edge makes the knives more delicate. The handle gets dry after use not a big problem just oil them with small amount of mineral oil. As these knives do not work well with the frozen meat, just defrost the meat before using these knives. The black box with these knives helps them for the protection form the little hands and form dust. 


Editor’s Verdict

You always want a good quality product for your kitchen in less amount and also if you get a life time warranty with that what will you do. The OOU is a verified company by the food and drug administrator. The blades look black shiny and the engraved name of the company on it and also the sharpness make the blade different form other knives. Their ergonomic ebony wood handle makes the knife strong in strength. The stainless-steel blades are used as a life time investment. 

10. Emojoy Steak Knife Serrated German Stainless Steel Steak Knives

|Weight:6.4 pounds|
|Angle: 16- 18 degree|
|Handle made with: Pakka wood l
|Blade edge: Serrated Stainless steel|
|Blade size:4.8|
|Handle: Triple rivet polymer|
|Size:2.8 x 27.7 x 3.3 cm|
|thickness of the blade:1.8mm |
|Guarantee: 100%|


Knife is an essential use in the kitchen. It is like a tool used by the cook to cut the food. People use to eat steaks but most of them like because of their shape. The shape comes after cutting them into pieces. While in old days people used to cut them with the carbon steel.

It is more common now to find the stainless-steel knife to cut steaks. The company name Emojoy provides a stainless-steel steak knife set. The company makes many kitchen tools and households. They provide nothing but the best products to satisfy their customers and located in China.

These set of steak knives have surgical rust- free German steel blade X50CrMoV15. The design and the cutting-edge technology with a premium quality make the knives outstanding. According to the price the product is impressive. The forged bolster and end cap with full-tang blade is very impressive. The bolster between knife and the handle which helps in grid, steel balance and heft. The full-tang shows that the blade is made with the one-piece steel.

These knives are hand- sharpened to 16-18 degrees per side by the company, because of their high-carbon German steel they resist the heat. The sharpness is like a razor cutter for the meat. These serrated blades and curved handle give your hand and wrist comfort. The thickness of these blades is 1.8mm not to break them easily.

The rock- hollow dimples are also very helpful while cutting as the meat falls off form the blades easily. The handles are made with the Pakka Wood with the triple rivet polymer is ergonomically design by the experts.

These triple rivet polymer handles maximize the durability. The company logo is embossed on every steak knife and also provides the storage box for the safety of knives. The box has a separate section for each knife. They are very easy to clean after use. The company also provides a 100% guarantee.

  • The triple rivet polymer with the Pakka wood handles maximize the durability
  • German Stainless-steel blades with the cutting- edge technology
  • The bolster helps in grid and steel balance
  • Full-tang show that the blade is made with one piece
  • Rock-hollow dimples helps to cut through the meat easily
  • They are sharpened by the hand with the 16-18 degrees per side
  • Very easy to clean after use
  • Low maintenance
  • Pointed Toe

  • The handle gets dry immediately after clean and use
  • Sometimes the hands get tired after use

Top Tip

The handle made by the company with pakka wood helps to maximize the durability. Their stainless-steel blades are use to cut the meat flawlessly. The full-tang and the bolster of the blade helps in grip, grift and balance. Use the mineral oil to moist the handle for the next use after cleaning. Try to grip the knife with the light hand so that hands never get tired after use.


Editor’s Verdict

According to the common people these knives are very useful not even for steaks but also for other food cutting such as chicken with bone etc. Wash the knives before and after use. These are too sharp so be careful when using it. To maintain life-time use of the knife wash it with the cold water don’t put them in a dishwasher. The storage box with the set helps to store or to give a gift to someone special. Although a good investment in a very reasonable price with a 100% guarantee.

11. KitchenAid KKFSS4ST Classic Forged Series Brushed Steak Knife Set

|Weight:0.9 pound|
|Blade: Stainless steel
|Knife: High carbon German stainless steel|
|Blade edge: Serrated|
|Angle: 12.2X 6.1 X 0.6 inches|
|Warranty: Life time|
|Manufacture: China|


Everyone wants a perfect knife for their kitchen. Kitchen is a place where most of the people go and relief their minds. Cutting and chopping made the mind relax and for that you need a perfect knife.

Many countries people used to make the steaks at home as they don’t like the readymade food because of some health issues. Cutting a steak with a normal kitchen knife is a foolish thing. There are some specific kitchen rules that makes the life easier. The company name KitchenAid provides a set of KKFSS4ST classic 4 steak knives.

The Kitchen AID company provides verity of products in the market. The company is recommended as top-rated brand. Many kitchen aid product are manufacture in China and they supplied throughout the North America. All the knives are made with the high carbon German 1.4028 stainless-steel.

These chef knives names as a Slicer, Utility, Santoku and Paring. Their razor-sharp edge makes the long-life durability of the knives. The toothy serration of these knives provides the effortless cuts.

A serrated tooth means that a very small pointed edges contact with the knife. The blades are thinner so that they provide butter cutting. The bolster between the blade and the knife helps in grid and balance. The toe of these knives is pointed and is scratchless.

Full-tang blade with the ultimate handle design by the engineers help to hold the handle with comfort. All are tested by a toughest dishwasher by the company, but if you want a very long-lasting durability must recommended to wash them with cold water by hands.

The company provides a life time warranty so if you face any problem related to the knife the company will provides the new knife set. The company engraved logo into the blades looks good and attractive when put on the dining table.

  • Low maintenance
  • High carbon German stainless-steel blades provide long-lasting lifetime
  • Serrated razor sharp edge helps when needed to cut the slice of meat
  • Full-tang blades and bolster ergonomically design by the engineers
  • The handle are also made with the steel provides the better comfort and easy to control

  • The blade is little thin and the handle is thicker
  • Did not provides a storage box

Top Tip

The company made the knives with the high quality stainless-steel that gives them for long term use. They come in set as you used them in a dinning-table when throughs a party. The thin blades are more-sharper then others and the thick handle make the knife strong and provides strong they did not provide a storage box not a big deal the company made a wood box separately so you can buy it for your knife set.


Editor’s Verdict

Buying these set of knives is a good life-time investment. They are fully made with the high carbon stainless-steel. They are beautifully embossed by the company logo on the blade. These are so sharp so they cut through the meat very easily. They are very easy to wash after use. The bolster helps for balancing the knife. Blades of all four knives are full-tang enhance the beauty. The company provides a life time warranty.

12. Chicago Cutlery Fusion Steak Knife Set

|Weight: 1.71 pounds|
|Size of blade: 4.5 inches|
|Blade edge: 26degree taper|
|Angle: 28.6 X 16.8 X 4.1 cm|
|Handle: cushion grip with stainless steel tip|
|Material: High-carbon stainless-steel|
|Warranty: Life time|


The perfect cut is possible if you have a perfect knife. The Chicago cutlery company provides a verity of steak knives. They made a set of knives. The company manufacture all its item in China. They supply their products worldwide.

All their knives are made with the high-quality steel, sharp blades, best balanced handles that provides the professionals and the common public a comfort while using. The Chicago Cutlery provides a fusion steak knife set of 6 pieces.

These knives are made with the high carbon stainless-steel. As name calls, steel with a high carbon gives extra strength to the blade. The high carbon content in the steel provides a lower melting point, more durability and distribute heat in the steel in better way.

The high carbon stainless steel also creates the blade harder to resist the stain and rust. The edge of the blades is 26-degree taper grid for more sharpness, helps to cut better and easy to sharpen after three -time use.

The company also produce the sharpening steel for their steel blades. They recommended to use them with care for sharping the blades of the knives. The black cushion-grip handle gives a fabulous grip and comfort to the palm.

The stainless-steel tip on the back of the handle makes the handle attractive, beautiful in look and also very strong. Bolster between the handle and the blade help in grid and balance during use.

The full-tang length of the metal helps to create extra strength and control during cutting any kind of meat. Their forged design made by the company to increase weight and balance. Forged knives are harder from common knives therefore they provide better blade retention.

Forging makes the gas pockets inside the metal so they perform uniformly to increase the structure strength. The company name Chicago-Cutlery logo is embossed on every blade in black color look very beautiful.

The life time warranty given by the company is a promise to the customer that they are buying a very good product in a very reasonable price. They are very easy to clean after use.

  • The knives are fully made with the high carbon stainless steel
  • The handle is made with the cushion grip with the stainless steel back tip
  • Engraved the company logo on the blade make them attractive
  • The blades are very sharp and curved
  • The handle is design  to grip it in a perfect way
  • Low maintenance
  • Pointed toe
  • Stain resistant
  • Full-tang blade
  • Bolster helps in grid and balance
  • Easy to wash after us
  • Provides life time warranty

  • Did not provide any storage box or storage roll
  • Knife come in a set not individual
  • The hand gets tired sometime because of the weight
  • Get lines on the blades after cleaning them in a dishwasher

Top Tip

The food lovers are found in every country. No food is completed without Bar BQ. And the Bar BQ comes with the steak. The company Chicago Cutlery provides the best steak knives. The sharp blades are used to cut the steaks without cackling into small pieces. The company made wood boxes separately for the knives. The knives come in sets so that you can use them on a dinning table. Don’t put them in a dishwasher as they are very easy to clean, just wash them with cold water. Life time warranty given by the company is a promise to the buyer that in if there is any problem you can change them immediately.


Editor’s Verdict

Many people love the steaks but its good to cook them in your home kitchen. The Chicago Cutlery knife set help in cutting a perfect shape of steaks because of their beautiful sharp blades and the griped handle comforts the hand and palm. They are very easy to use and clean and the engraved name enhance the beauty of the blades.

13. Trudeau Laguiole Steak Knives with Pakkawood Handles

|Weight: 2.69|
|Handle: Pakka wood|
|Blade edge: Serrated|
|Blade material: Stainless- steel|
|Blade construction: Forged|
|Style: Eastern|
|Sharpening: Required|
|Warranty: 5 Years|


Steak lovers are found in every country, city and even home. The company name Trudeau Laguiole provides a set of steak knives. Laguiole called ”Laiole”, is a name of a village in France. The village is popular for their hand-made and fine cutlery.

The company preserved the craftsmanship for the production. Most of their metal is forged and after that combine with the hands. The blades of these knives are made with the stainless-steel.

The engineers beautifully design the shape of the blades that are slightly straight and then curved form up-side. And the cutting side of the blade is serrated 30CR12(420) stainless-steel help for better result. Forged, full-tang and razor-sharp blades cut through the steak meat without scattering into small pieces.

The shape of these blades is also called the precision blades that are beautifully made by the hands of the master. The famous ”Bee” symbol on the center of the knife reminds the history of the village. These knives are engraved with the company name on the start of the blade.

The pointed toe helps in cutting the steaks in shape. The handles are made with the Pakka Wood and beautifully design with the light curve from the back, it’s a high quality, inexpensive layered wood, is used to make the handles.

The handles are good in grip and strong. The shine on the handle is because the company beautifully polished them which attracts the eyes. The small stainless-steel tip of the handle looks good. The beautiful storage white box also given by the company helps to store the knife set in any place.

The warranty is given by the company of 5 years, if anything bad happened in this time period they are responsible to give you the new knife set. They are very easy to clean after use.

  • Made with the Pakka wood
  • Serrated blades helps in cutting
  • Stainless-steel blades
  • Moisture resistance handle
  • Razor sharpness cuts through the steaks flawlessly
  • The bee hand-stamp on the knife
  • Forged and full- tang stainless steel blades help to grid and balance the knife

  • No life-time warranty
  • Not compatible with dish washer
  • Comes with the set not individually

Top Tip

The beautiful crafted steak knifes with the high-performance in the market. The company gives you their best product when it comes to quality. The warranty offered by the company is of 4 years and not lifetime. But to be honest 5 years is also a very long time offered in this price. The dishwasher is not required for them as they are very easy to clean after use. It comes with the set so they can be used in the family dinners.


Editor’s Verdict

Mostly the people cut the meat with any knife so that results in broken juice free meat. After buying these quality knives you will never feel bad. They are very beautiful according to the shape and are easily handled. The shape helps for griping and the sharp serrated blades helps cutting through the meat flawlessly. Comes with a gift storage box so that can be used to give as a birthday present etc. wash them with cold water after every use.

14. TRENDS Premium Steak Knives Set

|Weight: 1.1 pounds|
|Size: 5 inch|
|Handle: Ergonomically non-slip handle|
|Knife material: Premium quality stainless-steel|
|Blades edge: Fully Serrated 30 degrees|
|Angle: 10.43 X 3.35 X 1.65 inches|
|Guaranty: Money back|
|warranty: 5 Years|


Everyone needs a steak knife to cut the steak. The company name Trends manufacture the premium quality steak knives. Trends is a Australian company. Working since 2005 providing the high-quality products in very low price. Their products are made with the very high-grade material. They always create modern designs.

The blades of these knives are 5” as in the market most of the steak knives are provided by the company in 4.5”. The engineers cleverly design the ultra-sharp serrated knives with the high carbon stainless-steel which makes them super strong and never require sharpening.

They sharpen their knives with the hand at 30 degrees angle. Double forged, full-tang, highly polished stainless-steel blades show the good quality product. They tempered their knives with specific time to produce balance and for better sharpness.

Each knife has a smooth bolster and a spine for grid, hold and balance. The handle of the knife is ergonomically design by the modern technology, never get slipped by the hands. They provide a triple reverse rivet design to secure grip handle.

The company also design a weighted and a balance-controlled handle. These knives compliment the table in a dinner party. Each knife comes with the logo engraved on the blade looks good and eye-catching.

The company provides a 5-years warranty so they are responsible if anything bad happened to the knife during use. They also provide a full money back guarantee that if you don’t like the products they will give you a full refund. These set of knives are very easy to clean after use.

  • Smooth bolster and a straight spine
  • Modern engineered design handles
  • Sharpened by hands
  • Never required sharpening
  • High quality polished forged stainless steel blades
  • 5 inch large blades very smooth counters and seamless construction
  • Low maintenance
  • Easy to clean
  • Serrated edge at 30 degrees
  • 100% money back Guarantee

  • Comes with a set of knives and not individually
  • Can’t put them in a dishwasher

Top Tip

The Company trends provides a best quality products. The made their knives after a long discussion with different families. Their priority is to satisfy the customers. The knives are not allowed to wash in a dishwasher as they are very easy to clean. They come in a set of knives so that you can put them on a table when the guests come to dinner parties. The company Trends provides a money back guarantee in case when you don’t like the product.


Editor’s Verdict

According to the need of the kitchen knife the Trades company provides a best set of steaks knives. They are very strong in use. The handles aye very comfortable and a good grip. The serrated blades cut the steaks form the meat in a perfect way. They a very useful in daily routine. After use clean them with the normal tap water and dry with napkin.

What to Look for Before Buying a Set of Steak Knives

Most of the people use to spend their time in a kitchen. People love to cook food for their loved once. Mostly people love the food when it is cooked at home. Steak lovers are found in every country or even in every home as well.

For cutting the steaks you need to buy a good quality knife. The right tool for cutting the steak is to buy a correct knife. The steak knives not only cut the meat of the steak but they are used in multiple ways, like cutting the vegetables and chicken with bones.

When you go to the market just look around and see the quality and the low-price long-lasting knife or the set of knives. According to the need, you may want a knife just for the kitchen and not to put them on a dinning for serving or you want the both specifications.

Before going to the market make your mind which type do you need either you want the serrated ones or the plain blade etc. if you like to eat steak and your family feel the same then buying a good quality knife at the good investment is not a waste for you.

First, that you have to notice that the blades must be made form the stainless-steel or with the high carbon stainless-steel. The carbon in the steel makes the bubble pockets and after long testing it will become the harder and the long -lasting blade. The second thing you should check the length.

Second, the length must be 4.5 or 5 inches. That provides the extra grip strength. The third thing is it must be strong enough to cut all kinds of meat. It will be easier for you if the blades are hand sharpened.

Third, the Pakka Wood is the best quality wood in the market for making the handles of the utensils.

Fourth, the triple rivet in the handle shows the good quality product.

Finally, A good straight spine and a steel bolster in the knife gives you a good balance and grip as well. You will see that the all knives(other than exceptions) are hand washed by the user so never put steel knife in a dishwasher as it will ruin the steel. Always buy a rust resistant knife. In this section, I will be showing you the best way to buy steak knives. Following things must be considered.

In addition to the above following point must also be considered before getting one at home.

Number of Knives in a Set

When you buy something you make your mind first. Why I am buying this thing? For how many people I will be using this thing? so these are the things that help you in buying knives. In market there are number of knives available. The knives come in A set of six, four, eight, twelve, fifteen etc. It totally depends on you that how many sets you require according to your need.


If you buy a goof quality knife it should work very good, it must cut the meat of a steak or any vegetable in a proper fine way without any problem. The knife should be always ready to use after taking it from the drawer or a box.

Listen to your Pocket

When you visit the market you will see the difference in the price of a high quality and a low quality or you can say a low budget knife or set of knives. The knife should cut the steak or any shape of meat perfectly and easily.

The grip must be perfect and the hands feel comfort when you hold a knife. Many people don’t know that the market provides a good product in a very good reasonable price. According to your budget they give all specification. They also provide the sets as well or you can buy only one piece from the set depends on you how much money you want to spend.

High carbon Stainless-Steel

Stainless-steel has a big amount of chromium which cover the steel with the layer that helps to protect the steel form rust, but the high carbon stainless-steel is a combination of iron and carbon. It’s very strong and provides long-life quality. It’s a good quality and a low budget metal used in the world to make not only blades of the knives but many other utensils etc. the knives made with the high carbon stainless-steel provides the good strength of edges.


The blade is the main and important part of the knife. it consists of many parts like the edge, the spine, length and many more. The high carbon stainless steel blades or stainless-steel blades both are made to give the customers a satisfaction.

The edge of the blades must be sharp that helps in cutting the steaks. Plain edges or full plain blades both were used in old days for steaks. It should be sharp like razor if you buy the plain one. Serrated ones have teeth on the blades that helps in cutting the streaks more quickly. All the blades should be sharpened with the stainless-steel special sharpener.

Kind of Knife

Serrated ones have small teeth on the blades that helps in cutting more quickly. There is another blade available that is called micro serrated but that is not useful in a kitchen but it can be used in a dinning table for cutting the steaks only. It is better to invest on the serrated ones and not on the micro serrated ones.
You can also go for the non-serrated one’s which are durable and easy to get sharpen.


It’s a back portion of the blade attached with the handle of the knife or a sword etc. some knives have hidden tang but its tang helps in the strength and potential. The full-tang blade is a useful thing and provides advantages and efficiency.

Hollow Edge

The style of a steak knife must always be considered while buying it. Hollow edges make the air pockets between the meat and the knife. These hollow edges cuts through the meat slice very easily.


Spine is the wide top of the blade it helps you to put the pressure on the meat and not on the hand while cutting. The spine also helps to grip the knife. If you buy a large knife you see the spine would be thicker that’s the evidence of a good quality knife.


Many kinds and shapes of knive’s handles are available in a market. The most long-lasting handle is made with the Pakka wood. This wood is an inexpensive, high quality layered wood. The shape must be not much curved as it will not give you a better grip. Many handles are also available like the plastic ones. These are the traditional type of handles they are also very useful in cutting and griping the steak knife.


Another thing that you see when you buy is the triple-rivet. It’s a cylindrical piece of metal that is used to combine the different parts together by going through the holes. It helps to make the knife stronger from the handle and also provides the strength.


Bolster is a supportive part of a steak knife, between the knife and the blade, usually made with the metal. Helps to provide a good grid and also good balance. Also provides extra strength to the blade helps to protect the tips of the fingers and give comfort to the palm.


Sharpener is use to sharpen the knives of a blades. It is made of stainless-steel used in kitchen. It can sharpen the blades more perfectly. It’s a part of the sets of knives and you must look for the knives which comes with this sharpner.

Handle Butt

Every handle has a butt, some have the square ones and some have the round ones. They are available in different materials such as wood, metal or plastic etc. modern steak knives that usually engineers design mostly are thin, thick, in wavy style etc. They all helps in making the knives attractive and eye-catching.

Tip of the Blade

Usually tip is the end part of the blade. Some knives have the sharp pointed tip and some have the round ones. But when you buy the steak knife try to buy the tip ones. The tip helps in cutting the steaks. It’s a very useful part of a knife.

Brand or Quality what should be Preferred?

A very common situation which every time we face mostly when we need to go to the market to buy anything. The brands who have made their names in the market can be selected by the common man without thinking too much.

Brands don’t provide low quality material. If they do so, it can ruin their name in the market as well in the common public. All the high qualities brands know that so they never lower their quality for such a small amount or issue. So, they prefer the customer satisfaction. On the other-hand if we only go to the quality not on the brand, we can pretty much find a couple of local brands that offer cheap knives that have a very good quality. So that thing must be considered.

What not to do with a Steak Knife

As everyone know that knife is the essential use. Every user should know the value of the knife in the kitchen and how to maintain them. Steak knife is quite strong but it can get rusted or ruined. The investment gets wasted If you don’t care. It gets dull or brittle or the metal can lose its immunity etc. Following are the “not’s” to follow for most of the steak knives.

Using Dishwasher

All the stainless-steel knives(other than exceptions) can be washed with dishwasher but mostly the knives get rusted or get lines on the blade. It is good to clean them with the plain clean water after every use. Using dishwasher for the knife can really mess up the blade of the knife. So try to avoid using dishwasher and wash your knife with cold water and then clean it with a cloth.

Delay in Washing

Now a day knife is made with stainless-steel or a high carbon stainless-steel. The metal doesn’t resist very large amount of rust if you do not clean it in time. If you use the knife and not  clean it after use, blade gets destroyed and leave bad spots on the knife.

Keeping them Clean

After washing with the clean tap water, use the plain napkin, tissue, towel or any soft cloth to clean the knife. You can just put them in a dish rack for drying by it self.

Placing Horizontally

After drying the knife, its easy to put it in a drawer or hang them on a steel or a wood log. If you have a set of knives and you just used only one from the set, its easy to hang that specific knife for daily use. it can minimize you time.

Leaving in Sink

After using the knives, make sure that you are not putting them in a sink as the sharpness will not last long and also the wooden handle can absorb a large amount of water that can destroy it.

How to Use your Steak Knife?

Steak Knife is usually used to cut the steaks. Its very easy to use in a kitchen. You can put them on a dinning table for a big or a small dinner party. Knife are the essential part of our life. Without a knife our kitchen can never be completed.

Steak Knife is usually used to cut the steaks. Its very easy to use in a kitchen. You can put them on a dinning table for a big or a small dinner party. Knife are the essential part of our life. Without a knife our kitchen can never be completed.


Holding a steak knife is not a big problem. Just hold it with the hard hand and just slowly try to cut the meat. Its easy to hold it in the right hand for cutting the meat of a steak either it is cooked or un-cooked.


Always wash your knife form the water before use and make sure you have sharpen the knife before using it or after every three or four times use. It is good for the blade if you sharp after every use for the long-life.

What needs to keep Steak Knife Maintained?

Maintenance is not a big problem if you are taking care of your knife on a daily-bases. Its not a time taking process if you have invested a very big amount you will have to protect them from getting ruined. There are some steps to clean them in a very proper and easy way. If you put a good effort to maintain your steak knife whether it’s a cheap knife or a high-end knife. The knife will last long.

Always use a Cutting Board

When you cut the steaks on your counter of the kitchen directly the blades get ruined and dull very quickly. Use the cutting board while using any kind of knife, the knife has the serrated or a plain blade so try to use them with some care. The cutting board will help in cutting and saving the teeth of the knife.

Keep it Sharpen

The knife you use every time or regularly in a kitchen get dull after a period of time. Its good for the blade or you can say for the knife to sharpen it with the sharpener after every use. Sharpening is a little more-hard but its not an impossible thing. Although it takes time to sharpen them but if you love your knife then you just have to sharpen it after every three- times use. But if you don’t want to forgo leisure then you can just go to the market and get it sharpened form the professionals.

Keep it Clean

After using the knives, clean them with the tap water. Do not put the knife in a dishwasher, its not safe for the knife to put them in it. Hand washing can increase the life of knives. Don’t put the knife in a soap directly or scrub the knife with the steel wool. Oil your wood handle with the mineral oil if it gets dry. Suppose your handle is made with plastic, clean it with the tissue. Leaving your knife in a wet sink is not a good thing as well.

Store them Dry

It’s a process after cleaning. It’s a very important part for the knife after using and cleaning its compulsory to dry them after every use with the napkin or put them in a basket or hang them into the kitchen with the magnetic plate or to the wood log.

Store them in a Safe Place

After using cleaning and drying the knife put them in a drawer with a wide space or you can save them in their storage box the most common way of saving the blades is to put them in a sheath that comes with the knives.

Serrated vs Non-Serrated Steak Knives

Better for cutting in the down-words cutsFast cutting, razor sharp edge
Good smooth friction-free cuttingFlawlessly cuts the meat without tearing it into small pieces
Its like a saw of the kitchenNo residues of meat remains on the blade after use
Don`t need to sharpen very muchNeed to sharp after every three use
almost no maintenance is required 

Serrated Steak Knives

There are many types of serrated knives available in the market but the most commonly used are the two shapes. The first style has no points they are rounded like a wave. The theory of making the round blades teeth is that more serration results in easy cutting of meat or vegetable.

But that theory went wrong in the professional kitchen as it took so much force while cutting. The second one is the pointed classic one. These pointed blades get much success in the market. They take-over the whole market.

The professional chefs not only use these knives in the restaurant but also refer the common public to buy this piece for cutting the steaks in a proper way. Its cutting is similar to the saw that cuts the tree very smoothly. The good way of using the serrated ones is when the meat is harder form outside and softer form inside at that point the knife will perform perfectly.

Non-Serrated Steak Knives

The non-serrated knives are also called the plain blade knives with a razor-sharp edge or the full razer sharp blade. These knives cut through the meat without tearing them into a tiny-pieces. It depends on the usage.

The plain edge knife cuts the meat cleanly if we compare it to the serrated ones. This is the reason that the knife provides the ideal cut. You just don’t need to put so much force while cutting the meat.

Our Stand

Everyone has their own choice in terms of cutting the steaks with the quality of knife. The serrated ones is not useful without their pointed teeth. But if you want the meat with all the juices in it, it should be the non-serrated ones that will help you to cut. But on the other-hand if you are a big fan of the serrated ones then you don`t have to change. If you are in a market and you have a choice it depends on you which one gives you the better option according to the need of use. The serrated ones have the pointed teeth and the non- serrated have the plain edge closer to the handle.

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