Our Research Method

Choosing the best product online is the ultimate game of probability. You may get the desired product at your doorstep and many times you failed to get so. Buying online is totally based on your research and users’ feedback. The user feed back has an important roll in determining your choice.

Seeking the cushion in the market many professionals used to experiment the products of their field and then hold some statement about them. On the basis of which, the online buyer takes advantage and makes the decision of selecting or neglecting the product.

My case is a bit different in this scenario. I spent thousand of dollars and time in the quest of the best smoker for my food. I am a food enthusiastic person, a perfectionist and dream follower. My love for the food brings me here. After losing thousands of bucks I decided to make a blog and share my sheer experience regarding smoking food and barbeque instruments.

I am Jeff and my team members are Anna and Clarke. Anna is a professional career-oriented chef and Clarke is a researcher.

The main purpose of our team is to filter out the best smokers in the market categorically. Besides this we also share our best barbecue and smoking recopies for food lovers.

You must have a brief look in our research method.


We are not the ambassadors of any specific brand. We share the complete feedback of the best smoking units categorically which are present in the market. There are many Smoker Brands in the market like PIT BOSS, Master Built, Char-Broil etc. Our focus is to provide unbiased reviews for the buyers.

Personal Experimentation

Personal experimentation is the core of our research analysis. As I told earlier, I lost thousand of dollars personally experimenting various kind of smokers. So, I love to share my good and bad experience with each and every smoker categorically.

From my personal experimentation and experience, I concluded that:

’not any smoker is good or bad; your need makes it so”

Sometime the product you don’t like is liked by someone else. This is due to the fact that you are not having the need of that product. For instance, you are old in age and your requirement is a Bluetooth smoker, you won’t go for a simple one in this scenario.

Product Analysis through Manufacturer

How the product is built can never be neglected. We can get various reviews and feed backs of the products which are in the market for too long. But it is not possible to get the feedback of newly launched models. For that, we have to analysis the product itself.

A newly launched smoker is analyzed on the basis of following grounds:

  • Its material
  • Heating Element
  • Size
  • Capacity
  • Display
  • Temperature Range
  • Weight
  • User friendliness
  • Heat Consistency
  • Pallets
  • Charcoal Capacity
  • Grills

Comparative Analysis

Comparison within the brands brings more clarity in the selection of the product. So, my enthusiastic team burn their mid night oil to filter out the best product in comparison perspective for the reviewer. So, we try to optimize visit experience by giving him more options in capacity, output, temperature range in same price range.


Above all, we are 24/7 engaged in putting the best of our efforts to provide the best smokers for you. We used to update our top picking list timely in order to keep you update regarding the products.

To keep in touch with us! Have a good food! And a good Day!