Best Pellet Smoker under 500

Best Pellet Smoker under 500- {Top 4 Picks}

If you love barbecuing, you will admit that the ideal way to satisfy traditional barbecue passion is with a pellet grill and smoker. The way a nice pellet smoker generates the smoke, the electric smoker cannot. For a best grill, budget constraint always comes in as a hurdle. How to choose the best stuff for a budget is a most asking question. So in this article we will bring the best pellet smoker under 500 but over 400 for you.

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The Best Pellet Smoker under 500 Dollars

Most Demanded
Green Mountain Davy Crockett Sense Mate
  • Features: 219 sq in. Cooking Surface, 150F—550F Temperature Range, 9lb hopper capacity, Wifi Controls, Thermal sensor
  • Benefits: Best Customer Support, Built-in series of instructions in the app, Low Pellet Consumption, Solid Construction
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Premium Choice
Traeger Pellet Grills TFB30KLF Tailgater 20 Grill
  • Features: 300 Sq in Cooking Space, 450 F maximum Temperature, 8lb Pellet Hopper Capacity, 5-Degree Temp Setting Increments, 62lbs weight
  • Benefits: Reach to the high temperature quickly, Consistent with the temperature, Easy Assembling, Durable
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Editor’s Choice
  • Features: 452 sq. in of cooking space, 180F to 450F Temperature Range, 15lbs pellet hopper, PID technology
  • Benefits: Quickly Heats Up, Temperature varies not more than 10F, Solid Construction
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Smart Choice
  • Features: 694 Total Cooking Area, 180F-450F Temperature Range, 20lbs Hopper Capacity, Bluetooth Control, Shut Down Recycle Mode
  • Benefits: Easy Clean-Up, Cooks Evenly, Wireless Thermometer, Strong Smoky Flavor
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1.Green Mountain Davy Crockett Sense MateBest Portable Pellet Smoker

Best Pellet Smoker under 500- Green Mountain Davy Crockett Sense Mate

|29.92 x 14.96 x 21.65 Dimension|

|219 sq in. Cooking Surface|

|57.3 lbs Weight|

|150—550 Temperature Range|

|9lb hopper capacity|

|Steel Material|

|Thermal sensor|

|Wifi Controls|

|03 Years Warranty|


Davy Crockett is a thrilling, charming and portable pellet grill and smoker with a thermal sensor to maintain its temperature. This Pellet Smoker and Grill makes it space in the market with its efficient price and the features. Weighing only 57.3 lbs you can take it to your family trip or picnic place in the countryside. Legs are foldable to enhance the portability of the grill.

Meat Probe

To examine the food’s current inside temperature, this smoker comes up with an accurate meat probe. You can change and take the reading of the food without any hassle.


The Smoker is equipped with a sense of mate technology, which implies an auto turbo mode when extremely cold outside. You dint need to wait so long to get the grill to get heated up. Just set in, the sense-mate technology will go the rest itself.


The 219 sq inches capacity to cook is ample. Being a portable grill and a smoker it can take on two rib racks or 4-6 steaks or many burgers.

In addition to that, the pellet hopper capacity is also sound as you can load it to a 9lbs wood of your choice. So, there is no need to replace the wood for a longer run.


With a GMG app, you can control the temperature settings of your grill. Additionally, it is also workable if you want to view the current settings and the meat probe’s temperature etc. you can install the app in either an iOS or an Android Device.

Digital Control Panel

With a LED digital control panel, you can monitor and control the grill’s temperature without any hassle.

Efficient Auger System

The efficient auger system implies the shift of an accurate quantity of wood to the grill to burn. It generates an adequate quantity of smoke with a built-in speed fan. The oxygen feed remains as accurate so as not to burn your food nor to undertook it.

  • Best Customer Support
  • Built-in series of instructions in the app
  • Can be powered via a car battery or charger plug
  • Low Pellet Consumption
  • Solid Construction
  • Easy to Clean and Assemble

  • Some Modifications required acquiring even heat.

Top Tip

To overcome the uneven heat, you can use another heat deflector. More probably, a 10-inch griddle without the handle.


Editor’s Verdict

Davy Crockett is your portable party camping friend who will give you the results as you wish. Easy fit in in a truck, you can take it anywhere you want. It will get started with your car battery or battery charger inlet. Available at different prices, you can buy it at cheaper rates from local sellers. Above all, this is the best portable smoker and grill for camping and hunting under 500 dollars.

2. Traeger Pellet Grills TFB30KLF -Best Pellet Smoker for Tailgating

Best Pellet Smoker under 500-Traeger Pellet Grills TFB30KLF

|37 x 18 x 36 inches|

|300 Sq in Cooking Space|

|450 F maximum Temperature|

|8lb Pellet Hopper Capacity|

|62lbs weight|

|Electric and Wood Power Source|

|Foldable Legs|

|3 Years Warranty|


Love tailgating?  But not without bbq, here the solution for you. Easy to take with, highly portable and easy to use. Traeger Pellet Grills TFB30KLF comes to fulfil your smoking needs in a single go. Traeger Pellet Grill and Smoker is fold able and works equally well whether you are using it in your balcony or to some roadside.

Arc Controller

No matter wherever you are, you can control your temperature setting via an ARC controller. It is simple and precise. In addition to that, the Advanced Grilling Technology enables you an exact and even smoking.

Incremental Temperature Settings

The smoker offers you a built-in 5 degrees incremental temperature settings. At one hand, one size you don’t need to take care for a point to change temperature. You can jump directly for a 5F variation in the temperature, either up or down.

Bulk Cooking

Yes, you can cook a bulk of food in this smoker and grill as it has a space of 300sq in for cooking. You can smoke 2 Whole Chickens, or 3 Rib Racks or 12 Burgers at once. In addition to that, the max temperature setting of 450F allows you to smoke your food low or slow or high and fast. The hopper capacity of 8lbs favours the tailgaters as you can enjoy a little party besides keeping your food smoking for a longer time.

Keep Warm Mode

You are buying in your party and don’t want to eat more. Doesn’t worry the keep warm feature will keep your food warmer and ready to eat when you are actually feeling some appetite.

Porcelain Coated Grill Grates

The porcelain-coated Grill Grates are durable and long-lasting. Besides this, it will not get your food stick to it.

  • Reach to the high temperature quickly
  • Easy to Store with Foldable Legs
  • Keep the food Warmer in Warm Mode
  • Easy Assembling
  • Durable
  • Consistent with the temperature with a nominal variation of +/-5 degrees

  • Heavy by Weight
  • Electronic Controls are not best accurate

Top Tip

The Grill makes lose its quality of consistent heat in the breeze. So you can use a thermal blanket or jacket to cover it fully. It won’t let the heat go outside, and your meal will be well-prepared.


Editor’s Verdict

One of the finest pellet grill and smoker for the price. It will not compromise your tailgating passion for the food anymore. Fold the legs, put it inside and enjoy a good meal at the bank of the river. For the price, the digital controls are not found accurate in some articles; I will not make a statement that you should not go for that. Because the customer support is good and in case you have a faulty one you can either repair it or claim a new one. So far, it is the best pellet smoker for tailgating fewer than 500.

3. Z GRILLS ZPG-450A 2020 -Best for Families

Best Pellet Smoker under 500

|45 x 28 x 49 inches|

|84 lbs Weight|


|15 lbs large-capacity pellet hopper |

| PID technology|

|180° to 450° F Temperature Range|

|452 sq. in of cooking space |

|Main Cooking Area 324 sq in 21.5″ * 15.5″|

|128 sq in 22.6″ * 5.3″ Warming Rack Area|

|15 lbs large-capacity pellet hopper |

|3 Years Warranty|


Z Grills bring the full of technology Pellet Grill and Smoker for your healthy family. Smoke with an epic 8 in 1 smoking option with a range of 180F-450F temperature. A Smart digital control system will keep temperature with the +/- 20F and set the grill temperature as easy as turning a dial.

You can bbq, bake, roast, braise, smoke, grill, sear and char-grill with the help of this smoker. So it is not a mere restricted to a grill only.

You cannot expect the taste that wood pellets provide from any other source. The Grill holds the unique technology to combust the pellet and transmits the exact flavors to the grill’s food.

The unit comes up with the temperature settings ranging from 180F to 450F. It implies that you can either go low and slow or fast and high, leaving no chance to under cook or overcook the food.

Bless to the PID control, which saves your cost of combustion and keeps the temperature under control by automatically sensing the settled temperature. It gives a consistent heat to your food, so 10 lbs of the pallets last longer till 10 hours.

452 sq inch of space is ample for your big family to cook desired food. A small party can also be a manager only relying on this smoker and grill.

You can fit a big bone-in pork shoulder, a large brisket or two large butterflied chickens. A large pellet hopper capacity of 15 lbs enables you to cook the food for a longer period—no need to refill the pellet hopper for at least 32 hours of cooking without any hassle.

  • Comes up with a cover, external shelves, and an upper internal shelf
  • Solid Construction
  • Quickly Heats Up
  • Temperature varies not more than 10F though claimed as 20F
  • Easy to Set up
  • Pallets require sometimes stirring when the grill stalls.

Top Tip

Always use Food Grads Pellet instead of cheap pellets for optimal result. Since this Z series smoker smokes a bit lower, you can use a pellet fired smoke tube for extra smoke. Additionally, the warming grill is above the exhaust level, so cooking meat on it is probably not a good idea. You can put veggies up there and wait until they are done.


Editor’s Verdict

A large Pellet grill which is enough for a big family or a couple of small families. Equipped with PID Technology, it keeps the temperature consistent within the minimal range of settled temperature. I will rate it as the best pellet smoker and grill under 500 for big families with ample space for cooking and quick heat-up feature.

4. Z GRILLS ZPG-7002BPRO Wood Pellet Grill Smoker -Best Pro Smoker and Grill

Best Pellet Smoker under 500- 
Z GRILLS ZPG-7002BPRO Wood Pellet Grill Smoker

|Bluetooth Control|

|3 Years Warranty|

|48″L x 22″W x 51″H Dimension|

|112lbs Weight|

|694 Total Cooking Area|

|504 main Cooking Area|

|180F-450F Temperature Range|

|20lbs Hopper Capacity|

|Shut Down Recycle Mode|

|Digital Meat Thermometer with 2 Prob|


Here they bring the masters of all trades. Holds the versatility of 8 in 1 grilling, baking and smoking and much more. You can roast, bake, braise and barbecue with this Z Series smoker and Grill.

Setting up the easiest grill by simply loading the pellets into the hopper and igniting it after setting your will’s temperature. The pellets will last long, and you won’t need to refill them after a shorter instant. A 10lbs bundle of wood pellets will last for about 8 hours or more with great ease.

Smoke a ton of meat onto your main 513 sq inches in the rack along with the 187 sq in the warm rack. You can do about 29 burgers or 6 Rib Racks or 5 Chickens in one go. When your food is done finally, and you are not feeling a good appetite. You can hold it on a warm mode so that your food may not burn our nor gets dry out.

The fully automated is convenient to use even for the starters as offers you auto-start ignition with the digital auto temperature control system, and real-time LED temperature display.

The clean up is literally well as you Z Grills has provided you with a special waste oil collector.

Durability is at its apex when you know that the grill is build up with Stainless steel which is not prone to corrosion, thus realising your real investment.

With two meat probes, you can check the internal temperature of two meals at a single instant. It is Wireless, so you don’t need to open up the grill’s top to check the reading. A bottom shelf will widens your settling area as you can place your belongings over there for accessible smoking and grilling. It is simply easy to clean, rub a wet duster, and you are done. Z Grills also takes a lot of care for your safety. For that, they have places a proactive grate over the hopper to keep you away from the hopper.

  • Shut Down Recycle Mode Enabled
  • Provides a Strong Smoky Flavor
  • Easy Clean-Up
  • Easier and quicker to reach the High Heat
  • Wireless Thermometer is unique
  • Cooks Evenly
  • Assembly requires two people for a quick
  • No Storage Cabinet

Top Tip

Since the smoker does not have automatic, easily ask removal system. You can use a vacuum to get rid of the ash.

It is recommended to heat the smoker for at least 30-40mins, as Z grills are low and slow. Otherwise, your results will not be up to the mark.

Editor’s Verdict

I will give 95 out of 100 marks to the Z Grill Grill and Smoker’s temperature control. From size to the accuracy, this pellet grill and smoker is the best fit for the professionals. Whatever the circumstances outside are, the pellet grill or a smoker will not let the temperature variation above or below +/-10F. Easy to fit and Easy to Clean, this is one of the greatest Z Grills Masterpiece and the best pellet smoker for the professionals under 500 dollars. 

How much does Operating Cost matters for a budget pellet grill and smoker?

You may do details research on the internet for the best pellet smoker and grills under the budget of 500 dollars. Unfortunately, many of us go for the product’s apparent cost mainly and end up buying a pellet grill with the best appearing features and containing a minimum price.

Sorry, but this is not a real deal. Have you ever wonder how much the equipment is going to cost you in the long run? May be no. This section will put some light on the prominent operating cost one must keep in mind when buying a budget grill and smoker between 400$ to 500$.

The pallet consumption cycle

To me, pallet consumption cycle for a pellet grill or a smoker must be least at a certain temperature setting. It is a fact that not all pellet smokers have the same pellet consumption cycle because different recipes require different temperature settings.

Owing to the difference in the temperature settings, the pellet consumption varies prominently. Let’s make a standard to clarify. Suppose the average temperature of the pellet grills under 500 is 350F, and all of them works under the same capacity and using the same quality of pellets.

So, at 350F, the pellet consumption must be between 0.7lbs to 1.0lbs per hour to me for an optimal operating cost. It must not exceed the upper limit. In that case, you must be pretty sure that there is some issue with the Pellet Grill and Smoker and never go for that one.  

So, if you bring home that one with over 1lbs/ hour consumption rate, get a ready mate, you will spend a lot on the pellets only.

What is the Best Pellet Smoker under 500 dollars? Wrap Up

Wrapping up the whole story, the best pellet smoker under 500 is the one with the ultimate quality of working in the extreme weather. Besides this, the seller must automate it, have a PID controller, have more than one meat probe, and be easy to use and clean. In addition to that, the pellet grill and smoker must be long lasting and durable.

The users of the pellet grills belong to different classes. You may be a pro, a household or a competition. Besides this, you may be a person who does grilling as a hobby or you may be a beginner. According to the requirement, every class has different demands. So we conquered the list of smokers according to the purposes and class of people.

  1. Green Mountain Davy Crockett Sense Mate 
  2. Traeger Pellet Grills TFB30KLF
  3. Z GRILLS ZPG-450A 
  4. Z GRILLS ZPG-7002BPRO Wood Pellet Grill Smoker

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