Best Way to Reheat Brisket

Best Way to Reheat Brisket

Look, you are a meat lover so you never take a chance to lose even a bit of meat. You have a party all night with your friends and has a nice BBQ; however, the cushion per person serving of food you took, stood spared. What will you do with the leftover.

Specially when it comes to brisket; the food took around 8 hours of your life to get ready. You won’t like to dump it anyways. Now, what’s the best way to reuse it? How will you manage to eat it again some other day without losing its genuine taste and moist?

No worries at all! I am here to guide you about that. I tried different ways to reheat the brisket. However, the method I am going to share here, is the best version of mine.
So let’s head to the topic.

Leftover Brisket Ideas

There are some Ideas to use the leftover brisket. Give yourself a little comfort, go for some easy, fast and delicious way of cooking a brisket grill cheese sandwich.

Also, you can start your day with a little boost by adding the fried eggs and hash brown with the leftover brisket.

Also, it becomes a tasty topping for the tacos, with meaty quesadilla or even with rice. If you are having a dinner party after a week just store the leftover brisket and impress your guest by performing your hidden skills.

How to Store the Cooked Brisket

This meat contains less fat content so it is tricky to take care of it. If you are thinking to freeze the cooked brisket, think about keeping it whole rather than cutting into pieces.

The brisket will retain a big amount of moist if it is stored as whole. Reheated brisket looks fresher then serving the pre sliced brisket. This will help in keeping the moist inside the meat.

Putting the brisket whole in a freezer will take too much space instead of sliced cooked brisket. If you are putting the brisket without gravy it will last in a fridge for more than 4 days but putting them in freezer will last more than two months.

On the other hand if you are storing them with gravy in the fridge it will not last more than 2 days but putting them in freezer will last up to 3 months.

Take a good quality aluminum foil and an airtight container for storing. Put the already cooked brisket in a foil and wrap them tightly put them in a container and freeze them for longer use.

Proper Defrosting before Reheating

If the meat is in the fridge, take out and put it on the counter of the kitchen for about 2 hours for the defrosting process.

However, if you have a cooked brisket, take it out form the freezer and wait until the ice around the meat melts. After that you can reheat them or recook them.

Reheat Brisket without Losing Moist

Reheating food is not a tough job. There are so many ways to reheat brisket depending on how much time you have or how you have frozen the brisket in the first place.

Before reheating the meat, you should drizzle some water or sauce into it. This process creates steam during reheating and the meat never gets dried out. If you are choosing to slice the brisket before putting in a freezer let the brisket cool while sitting in its own sauce.

Use a flat baking tray to freeze the slices of the brisket individually, this will help them to freeze separately once they are frozen pop them out and put them in a zip lock bag. Now you can take out single piece at once when needed. This process will help in storing the moist during reheat.

How to Reheat Brisket in an Oven?

After defrosting the brisket on a room temperature for 20 to 30 minutes. This way you will not need to worry about the center cold part.

  • First, you have to preheat your oven for about to 20 minutes on a temperature of 325F.
  • Put the brisket into an oven pan and cover with the double layer of aluminum foil.
  • When reheating in an oven there is a tendency for a meat to dry out to avoid this make sure one thing that the juice of the meat is still in the baking try if not moist the brisket with some oil and sauce.
  • Make a sauce by using half cup of apple cider vinegar, some soya sauce and barbeque sauce. Alternatively use any sauce you wish to. Make sure that you have seals the edges of the pan properly.
  • Pour the sauce into the brisket. Make sure the temperature is not too much high. The high temperature sucks the moist form the brisket and the result are chewy meat.
  • Reheat for about to 20 minutes, don’t over cooked the brisket.
  • Take out after 20 mints and enjoy the warm, moist reheated brisket with a sauce.

How to Reheat Brisket on a Grill?

Using a grill or smoker is bit tricky but is similar to the oven method.

  • Again, take out your cooked frozen meat from the freezer and let it defrosted for about 20 mins at room temperature.
  • Preheat your grill for about 20 mins at a temperature of 225F. Use the two-zone cooking way to reheat the brisket.
  • Where your charcoal or heat is too hot, just place the meat on the opposite side. Use the food thermometer to check the temperature of the meat.
  • Cover your cooked brisket with the foil and place it on the cool side of the smoke and wait for the exact temperature of 155F. Keep an eye on your meat to make sure it does not burn out when it is over direct heat.
  • When the temperature reaches about 155F, unwrap and move the meat to the direct heat and cook for about 5 to 10 minutes. Check with the meat thermometer, it should be at 160F to serve. But if you are heating on a gas heat, make sure that your temperature is medium while reheating.

How to Reheat Brisket in an Air Fryer?

Using air fryer now a days is very common. It is very easy to reheat anything in an air fryer.

  • Take out your frozen cooked meat from the freezer and wait until it reaches room temperature.
  • Use thermometer to check temperature. Set the temperature of the air fryer at 370 degrees.
  • Put the foil inside the air fryer and place your already cooked meat, add some sauce drizzle some oil and one to two sip of water and let it reheated for about 5 mints.
  • It is very easy to check the meat during cooking. If it needs more time to cook you just simply close the air fryer and wait until it is reheated.
  • Don’t overcook the food because it will loose the moisture.

How to Reheat Brisket in a Stove?

Using a stove for reheating any food is very common and it’s a simplest way. it’s not a very time-consuming way of reheating meat. Take out your leftover brisket from the last night.

  • Normalize the brisket at room temperature.
  • Cut the brisket into thin pieces.
  • Take out a deep pan put the brisket into it drizzle oil add some of the leftover sauce and add some water, decrease the heat and put the lid on the pan and let it reheat for about 10 minutes.
  • Check it after 10 minutes, toss the sauce with the help of spoon, cover the brisket pieces with sauce completely. Let them reheat for more than 5 minutes.

How to Reheat Brisket with Stream?

Steaming any food is a best way of reheating. You don’t have to defrost the cooked meat for steaming in a cooker.

  • Use the vegetable steamer for reheating leftover briskets.
  • Add some boiling water in a base of steamer, put a vegetable boiling pot, place the brisket on it and drizzle the sauce on it.
  • Put the lid on the steamer and let it reheat for about 5 to 10 minutes. Slow down the flame of the stove. The slow steaming process heats up the briskest without taking any juices.

Reheating Brisket by a Sous vide Method

Sous vide is kind of a tool that is used to give a warm bath to the meat. If you have not even heard this name before, no problem in other words, we can say that it is a water bath.

It is a very interesting method of cooking or reheating food. Taking out the meat from the fridge and put it at room temperature for about 30 minutes. After melting the ice from the meat put it in a vacuum sealed bag.

Pour the water in the sous vide to give a bath to the brisket properly and set temperature to 150F. When the meat reaches the temperature it is very much ready to eat.

The whole brisket will take 5 hours but if you cut the brisket into half inch pieces the pieces will be reheated in 10 mints. However, the slice thicker like 2-inch, will take 2 hours to reheat. But in this way, you will have a whole new brisket with very little work thanks to the sous vide machine.

Can you use Microwave for Reheating Brisket

Microwave is a good option when you are in hurry but it’s not an effective or a good way of reheating brisket or any other part of meat.

The brisket gets dried in a microwave because it works to convert the molecules into steam so in result your brisket will steam all its moisture out and it will get dried, chewy and not very tasty.

It’s like putting your brisket overnight at room temperature without covering it. Using a microwave seems like a good and a quick option but in the end, you will be disappointed with the result.

Can you Reheat the Brisket more than Once?

We all have to eat the food straight after it is cooked ideally, it’s the best time when the food is fresh and tasty.

There is no limit for how many times you can reheat leftover food. Food that is reheated its internal temperature must be 165F for at least 15 seconds.

The reheating process must be done rapidly and minimum temperature must be reached within two hours. It is true that after every reheating process the meat loses its taste, color and moister.

If you agree to give up on a taste then store them and reheat them as many times as you want to, the longer you store the brisket the lesser it become desirable.

Once you cook the brisket initially it has to be properly stored in a fridge or in a freezer. If you are reheating a small amount or brisket then put the rest in the fridge.

However, if you reheat again and again, the brisket becomes contaminated. Each time you reheat you loses the quality.

Common Mistakes in Reheating

  • Most common mistake people do is they reheat the brisket for a very long time because of it, the meats get dried out.
  • They reheat on a high flame.
  • Trimming too much fat and then cooking the brisket on high flame Reheating the brisket without covering with lid, foil etc.
  • People don’t defrosted the brisket properly.

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