Best Electric Smoker under 400

Best Electric Smoker Under 400-{2022 Reviews}

Have you been planning to start your own smoking portfolio? Imagine never having to rely on market-bought smoked foods again. You need to create your own perfect smoked food recipes and never have to look at another preservative. 

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Okay, so maybe that’s unrealistic, but you get the basic idea. If you have emotion to feed your family or your small gathering friends and you are wandering for the best choice in terms of value and quality. You should opt for an electric smoker for that.

But what model do you choose? With endless choices, you are under a dome having mirrors on the wall. That’s where we come in. In this 10 mint read, we’ll bring you the best electric smoker under $400 and above 300$. You can give a read to the electric smokers under 300 bucks as well.

Are you in hurry? We bring the highlights for you

Best Electric Smoker under 400

Image Product Details   Price
backpac Bradley Smoker BS611 Electric Smoker Racks:4-Dish Washer Safe Racks
Temp Range: 100F-250F
Weight: 55lbs
Check Price
backpac Bradley Smoker BTDS76P 990216 Racks: 4-Dish Washer Safe Racks
Temp Range: 100F-280F(By Official Web)
Temp Range: 100F-320F (By Amazon)
Weight: 57.5lbs
Check Price
backpac Char-Broil Deluxe Digital Electric Smoker Racks: 4-Smoking Racks
Temp Range: 100F-275F
Weight: 65.40 lbs
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Bradley Smoker BS611 Electric Smoker Best Overall

Best Electric Smoker under 400

|34 x 20 x 18 inches dimensions|

|500 Watt Main Heating Element|

|125 watt Bisquette chute|

|100F-250F Temp Range|

|55 lbs weight|

|Corded Electric|

|Cooking Space-19 inch above drip tray|

|1 Year limited Warranty|


So, why you need to opt Bradley Smoker? How they are different form the conventional smoker?

Yes, these questions are very well entertained by over expert. Firstly, this Bradley smoker is designed in such a way that focuses on delivering pure smoke and Bradley Smoker BS611 is designed with CleanSmoker Technology which utilizes 100% wood smoking banquettes only. On the other side, conventional electric smokers do not have such spec.

Bradley Smoker’s Bisquettes does not pass on the ash to your food, that’s how they are different from the conventional smokers.

The stainless steel interiors are easy to clean and maintain. In addition to that they are built with such a material which keeps the smoker fully insulated and well kept.

Versatility at its apex allowing you to do both cold and hot smoking with the same instrument. You just need an adapter to switch to cold smoking and create a rich cold smoke fish, chicken, beef, or turkey.

It is simply built for the ease of people and to let them take a deep breath for their smoking journey. It is automatic, easy to use, and durable for long term use.


Two Heating Elements

Smoker BS611 is one of is its kind with two Separately Controlled heating Elements. One heating element works for the food while the other one works to create smoke only. You can use your smoker as an oven, hot smoker, cold smoker, and dehydrator.

No Wood Re filling for 9 Hours

Once you load your smoker with the wood chips, there is no need to refill it for the next 9-hours. Load up the wooden pallets and wait for 9 hours till the next loading (hopefully your food will do it till then).

4 Dish Washer Safe Racks

The dish washer safe racks enable you to clean them easily when you are done smoking your food.

Bradley Bisquettes

In reality, The Bradley Bisquettes are considered to be the reason for the success of Bradley Smokers. The 99.98% natural hardwoods or fruit woods Bisquettes add up the extra flavor and gives a uniques aroma to the food.

In addition to that, the Bisquettes are there to burnt slowly and smoke more to give your food extra ordinary flavor.

Pure Smoke

Bradley Manufacturers really emphasized the quality of smoke generation to the food. This smoker follows a clean smoker technology. This tech utilized 100% natural wood smoking Bisquettes. The Bisquettes are dispensed along with a conveyor system, smoke for a precise amount of time, and then doused before the woods turn to ash. As a result, you will get delicious, consistent, and high-quality pure smoker flavor.

You will never find any acidic toxins around your food when you smoke in a Bradley Smoker.


The Bradley Smoker does not require any sort of babysitting for your food to get ready. Load the wood chips, wood, pallets of your favorite choice, set the temperature, set the smoke time and off you go. This smoker is designed to burn for a precise amount of time, and is extinguished before they turn to ash, delivering pure smoke taste every time.

Assembling your Bradley is super easy, and will have you smoking your favorite meal in a matter of minutes.


This smoker is not build for some specific food. Neither it is specially restricted to some meats. It is an all-rounder and specialized in all variety of foods you love. You can cook beef, pork, fowl, wild game, sausage, jerky and vegetables.

If you wish for cold smoking you can add the cold smoker adapter to cold-smoked salmon, cheese, nuts, beer, wine, whisky, and much, much more. 

Bradley Smoker Anatomy
Best Electric Smoker Under 400

  • Durable and Easy store (Rust Resistant)
  • Quickly reach the set temperature
  • Well Insulated and Full of Smoke
  • Good for Cold Weather
  • Great Cooking Space
  • The burner’s timer is not adjustable
  • Bisquettes are expensive

Top Tip

This smoker can be used for cold smoke. To do so, you can turn off the main heat unit and only use the smoke generator.


Editor’s Verdict

The Bradley Smoker might seem to be an expensive unit for you but it is a good smoker for the value. Hats off to its ease of use, delicious output, and melting meats providing uplift to your sense of eating. A fully automatic system leads to amazing leisure for cooking. You can either do hot and cold cooking in this unit. I believe that it will an easy pick for you if you are conscious of toxins and want to intake pure smoky flavor, go for it as it is built with CleanSmoke Technology.

Bradley Digital 4 Rack Smoker BTDS76P -Best Value

Best Electric Smoker under 400

|14 x 17 x 31 inches dimension|

|57.5 lbs weight|


|Digital Interface|

|572sq inches rack area|

|2288 sq. inches cooking Area|

|500 Watt cooking Element|

|125 Watt Smoking Element|

|Digitally controlled|

|One Year Warranty|


Temperature, time, and smoke are now entirely controllable. In this way, you can decide the temperature, for how long your food is going to be smoked, and how much smoke do you want.

The automatic thermostat allows you to set the smoker to the desired temperature and the smoker will automatically adjust the heat to maintain the temperature. The auto-off feature has been added to make your smoking more convenient, by automatically turning off the smoker when the smoker’s time runs out.

This backyard classic smoker is perfect for enjoying epicure foods in your own home, also enjoying the flavor that smoking brings. The Bradley Digital meat smoker offers an easier and better way to automatically smoke, roast, and barbeque in the outdoors 


Steel Construction

This pretty smoker is made of the highest quality material. It has a power epoxy steel construction and an insulated polished stainless steel interior makes it the best-insulated smoker. The steel is comparatively easier to clean as compared to other materials.

Digital Control

This Smart Smoker has a full digital control for temperature, time and smoke for outdoor barbeques and any kind of foods you love.


It has four tracks for a variety of meat like chicken, pork, fish, and much more. In other words, it has a cooking capacity of 2288 sq in which can fit any kind of doo inside it for smoking.

Smoking Cycle

This smoker provides 8 hours of controlled cool smoke in one full wood Bisquettes load and  is controllable up to 280F(320F by some resources like amazon)  

Quality, Consistency, Simplicity and Versatility are the trademarks of Bradley Smokers.


You don’t need babysitting and be there for so long to cook your food. Just set up the temperature, pile the Bisquettes up, and wait for the food to get fined for eating.

The Bradley smokers work on the Clean Smoker technology intended to provide a perfect smoke flavor to the food and eliminate the ash and other toxins out of it.

Bradley owners can easily and effectively smoke traditional favorites such as beef, pork, fowl, sausage, jerky and vegetables.

  • Minimal monitoring needed
  • Digital thermostat control
  • Easy to clean and maintain
  • For racks and huge space
  • Made from high quality material
  • Temperature reading accuracy fluctuates in extremely colder temperature
  • Customer service concerns

Top Tip

Firstly, whenever you start smoking, preheat the smoker at a higher temperature than you want to maintain, for when you’ve got the smoker open and put-in pounds of cold meat the temperature is going to drop 40-50 degrees from where you had it preheated. Secondly, don’t open the smoker more than you have to. Only open the smoker every 90-120 minutes to reshuffle the shelves and clean out the water bowl.


Editor’s Verdict

It is really a super deal of smart investment. Go for it and you will mean it after some sessions. It works pretty well in cold temperatures. In ambient temperatures, it is absolutely stunning. However, its internal design is not as appealing as the overall layout. It is not as easy to fit and cook a fat big brisket at once. On the other hand, tension-less smoking is its beauty as you can smoke for long hours without any supervision.

Best Electric Smoker under 400

|16.50 x 23.40 x 40.00 inches dimension|

|65.40 lbs weight|

|1,000 sq. In cooking space|

|4 smoking racks|

|100F- 275F temp range|

|Corded Electric|

||Integrated Meat Probe|

|1 Year Warranty on Parts|


Char-Broil brings you the smoker for your large family of a gathering. Want to cook for person above 10, set the temperature, have a seat and wait till the meat gets tender and soft.

It brings 4-racks set up and a huge space of 1000sq in for you so that you can perform your cooking mantra at the apex.

The buildup structure is strong enough to work for you for decades without losing the quality.

The fire escaping resistant door is there to provide the optimal cooking experience to the cook.

The ample space for wood sticks makes this smoker 10 times better than the other smoker in the sense that you don’t need to put the chips again and again. Fill the box once and stay back for 4-7 hours, just let the food smoked.

You can cook 8 pork Ribs or 4 Briskets or 9 Whole Chicken at a time.

The sensors built inside just turn the smoking off automatically once the food is done finally. In addition to that there, the food will remain warm until it is taken out.

To keep the smoker airtight, there is locking latching to ensure that the heat may not be transferred and the food remains full of flavors, smoke-kissed, and juicy.

The removable temperature gauge enables you to easily control the heat you cook your food at by simply monitoring it from the advanced control panel. Besides this, the smoker has an easy read, blue LED display ensures to give an attractive sight to your eyes.

The 64lbs smoker is easy to move from one place to another due to its wheels and integrated handles.


Those days are gone when you need to refill your smoker and put wood chips after every hour to cook your meat. Massive 1000 sq inch. The smoker is there for you with 4 adjustable racks to smoke out your food just as on automation.

Integrated Meat Probe

Are you still cooking your meat on mere a guess? If yes! Leave it and an integrated meat probe takes out the guesswork from smoking. All you need to do is just to insert the probe into the meat and take the figure out of it. The probe will alert you when your meat levels up the pre-determined temperature.

Resultantly, every time with the meat probe, your food cooked at an ultimate point. Neither undercooked nor overcooked. The food will be as perfect as to melts into your mouth.

Besides this, the internal temperature control system is as good as the food remained warm until you take it out.

Smoke Friendly Construction

The smoker friendly construction of the smoker enables you to entirely lock in heat and smoke. The ample wood chip space makes it about 10x more efficient than the conventional leading smokers. You have to put the wood chips once to get enough smoke as the conventional smoker requires generating 10x more wood chips.

Advance Control Panel

With an easy to read blue LED display, you can see your temperature adjustments clearly on the screen. You can monitor the cooking heat and make the temperature adjustments with remote control from far away.

  • 1000 sq inch ample cooking space
  • Good Customer Service
  • Plenty of room for wood chips
  • Consistent with temperature
  • Easy to Clean

  • Don’t show temperature inside the smoker
  • Slight inaccuracy in built-in thermometer readings when prone to cold weather

Top Tip

Our Pro’s tip for this smoker is not to use more than 1.5inches of wood chips or pallets for this smoker. Besides this always tighten the box as tight as the air can’t pass through it. It might get flames if the oxygen mixes up with the heat of the smokebox


Editor’s Verdict

Because of its ample space, you can cook 30lbs of product at it with great ease. The high end of 275F allows cooking chicken and fish in a much shorter time. Not use it in colder weather as its performance fluctuates when prone to extremely cold weather. It would take a long time for preheating when used in colder temperatures.

In addition to that special care of the heating element is required as the heating element might go out from improper and mal use.

What is the best electric smoker under 400-Final Conclusion

Heading for the conclusion we bought you the best electric smoker in terms of money, quality, space for cooking, and versatility.

Hopefully, our reviews have benefited you a lot and you may conclude it buying one for your home.

Generally, smokers between 300-400 dollars are of larger size and of ample space. Having all attributed to cooking, Bradley Smokers are mainly fully automated and durable for long term use.

Here we share the glimpse of what we have concluded in the article in one go.

  1. Bradley Smoker BS611 Electric Smoker
  2. Bradley Smoker BTDS76P 990216 Bradley Digital 4 Rack Smoker
  3. Char-Broil Deluxe Digital Electric Smoker

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