How to Clean a Propane Smoker

How to Clean a Propane Smoker

The first task was to find the best propane smoker, then use the smoker; now it’s time to clean your propane smoker to be stored for future use properly. When smokers are used repeatedly, there is a carbon deposition inside them, followed by grease residue. When the grease burns, it produces smoke that can destroy the taste of your meal. Following are the best tips that must be followed to clean the smoker efficiently.

Cleaning a Propane Smoker

Following are the steps involved to clean a propane smoker in an easiest way.

Removal of the Grates and Trays

The first step of cleaning is to take out all the grates and cooking trays from the inside chamber. Take out the wooden chip tray along with the water bowl.

Cleaning the Grates

You must clean the grates by using best quality metallic brushes. Metallic brushes are best to clean up the food residues and the excessive carbon built up on the grates.

Cleaning inside the Chamber

Inside the chamber, there is an accumulation of carbon, soot, creosote, and combustion by-products.

These waste products can destroy the taste of your food. They can also disturb the inside temperature of the chamber. Always use plastic knives to clean up the inside chamber. Do not use point things to clean the inside chamber because they can cause the flaking of paint. 

Cover the Burner 

Before you start scraping the inside chamber with a plastic knife, cover the burner with aluminum foil. It will protect the burner from getting dirty with carbon and grease.

Using Dishwashers 

To clean the body of the smoker, you must use dishwashers. Try to use hot water instead of cold water. Hot water makes grease removal easy. Coldwater can cause the dust and the soot to stick on the surface.

Cleaning the Edges and Corners 

Be smart! You can clean the corners and edges of the smokers by using small toothbrushes. Toothbrushes can be bent so. You can use them for cleaning the ends where large brushes or hands cannot reach properly.

Washing the Dripping Pan

The dripping pan contains different kinds of oils and watery products from the food and carbon and grease. After using the smoker, take this pan out and wash it thoroughly with water to remove any stains. Use the dishwasher if required.

Cleaning the Wooden Chip Ashtray

Ashtray contains burnt wooden chips and carbon. Due to excessive carbon, it gets black, so you must wash it properly with dishwasher liquid and steel wool.

Drying the Parts 

After washing and cleaning different parts of the smoker, they must be adequately dried with a cloth. Do not leave water drops on anything because they can result in the development of rust.

Wrap Up

Briefly sharing the ways to clean the propane smoker, there are some expensive ways though to do the same. In real, the propane smokers are relatively cheaper as compared to the charcoal grill, electric Smokers and as well as form pellet smokers. So, it was worth sharing the cheapest way to clean the propane smoker.

In case you have more cleaning ideas, you can share them in comment box.

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