Right after you decide to preheat your propane smoker, the next question arising in your mind will be how to preheat a propane smoker. In this article I will address the case.

When it comes to smoking and grilling food, propane smokers are among the best smokers for the money available for the purpose.

While using these smokers, one must follow adequate steps to preheat the smokers to work efficiently. It would help if you obeyed all actions with great care and precaution.

Preheating a Propane Smoker-Steps

1. Connect the Gas Supply

The first step to start up the propane smoker is to connect the gas supply. The gas supply must be sealed properly to avoid any casualties. Gas leakage is very harmful and can cause many problems.

2. Set the Temperature Gauge 

Set the temperature gauge at the adequate temperature range. Temperature setting plays a very vital role in preheating a propane smoker. When you start up the smoker, keep the temperature high; when you reach the required temperature, turn the temperature gauge down. In this way, you can achieve the critical temperature with high efficiency.

3. Air Dampers

Air vents which are also called air dampers play a vital role in preheating a smoker. Most smokers have about two kinds of vents for air control. Some of the vents take the oxygen in for proper propane burning, while the other vents discard the excessive heat and prevent the smoker from getting overheated. Vents at the top are usually for oxygen intake. Vents on the sides are for the discard of extra warmth.

Ensure that you have adjusted the vents before starting the smoker so that preheating can be done efficiently.

While setting up open up the top vents to continue the air flow. It will boost heat and rise the temperature quickly.

4. Turn on the Smoker

After making all the above arrangements, press the ignition button to turn the smoker on. Most propane smokers have a matchless electric startup button. But, some of the traditional smokers do not have this feature. Remember, the smoker must be turned on without food. It will take a while to reach the required temperature.

5. Preheating Time

Preheating time varies from smoker to smoker. Depending upon the different brands and different built qualities, it can vary to a greater degree. In most smokers, the preheating time is about 20 to 25 minutes. Some of the smokers might require longer time, such as 30 minutes or an hour. Usually, using propane smokers in cold weather requires a longer time.

6. Add Wood Chips 

When you reach the required temperature, add the wood chips to the smoker. It is also a preheating phase. After adding the wood chips of your choice, you have to wait until the smoke starts to come out from the chimneys. Wait for your smoker to accumulate an adequate amount of smoke before adding the food to get the best experience.

Pro Tips for Preheating a Propane Smoker

  • Start the smoker at the highest temperature.
  • Keep the vent at the top in the middle.
  • Wait for the thermometer to show the required temperature.
  • If you want to drop the temperature, open side vents to check how they can affect the temperature range. Then adjust them according to your need.
  • You must add chips before the food.
  • You must start the smoker in an airy place, so that chimney can discard the heat and excessive smoke without facing any problem.
  • When preheating or using the smoker, precautions must always be considered. Always wear gloves while using propane smokers.

How long to Soak Wood Chips for Propane Smoker?

Soaking wood chips for a propane smoker to preheat is still a delimma. Ever pro has its own login for the action.

To me, either concepts are fine. If you use dry wood, it will be fine for it will creates a quick dense smoke for your apparatus.

On the other hand if you are using damp wood chips, you will have a slow smoke for a long time.

Here is the pro tip is that, if you are soaking wood chips for a propane smoker the time should be between 25-40 minutes so that the water or the liquid flavor you are using get absorbed entirely, thus provides you an optimal preheating solution.

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