Electric smokers are built to be used outdoor, but sometimes due to unsuitable weather you would learn to use them when it is raining. If you’re going to have some fun with your favorite barbeque, you would never like to let the weather interfere in your taste.

It feels more better to cook in a rainy weather, and enjoy the fantasy of barbeque in rain. For using an electric smoker in rain, you need to be careful about the use of smoker and need to follow some certain precautions to carry on everything safe and sound.

Is it safe to use electric smoker in rain?

You should never forget that the smoker is an electric device, and there is no way that it can be used directly in rain. The market is full of a variety of electric smokers that provides you some best features but remember! Smokers are never water proof. So if you want to enjoy you favorite meal in rain, you definitely need to follow certain guidelines and precautions so that you may carry out everything safely.

Instructions for using Smoker in Rain

Here I am going to share with you some popular ideas and instructions to follow for smoking in rain.

Use a Tent or Cover

There are various kinds of tents present out there in market that can help you prepare your meal even in rain. Make sure to buy a larger tent, as you need to cook the meal not to burn everything present there. These tents can be very beneficial if it is raining small, as they are the best for using smoker in this weather.

The alternate thing that can help you smoke in rainy season is covering your electric smoker with a water proof cover. Just can also use a large umbrella and a long stick to fix in the umbrella. These electric smokers are built to be used out door, but sometimes due to unsuitable weather you would need to follow some best practices for smoking in rain.

The other thing that you can do for smoking in rain is to find some better and sheltered place to do so. For this purpose, any widened place covered from the top will be enough for you. If you cant find such a place, here is an idea for you. Just take a plastic cover and use some large wood sticks to support the cover, and you’ll be happy to use this method for smoking in rain.

Furthermore you can also go for ready made grill shelters.

Get Home a Quality Smoker

Some smokers, aren’t much good to be used in rain or other kinds of harsh weathers. So I would suggest paying some extra amount for greater value. Buy a high quality smoker that can help you deal with the changing weathers too. The smoker body must not be fragile and must have ability to bear the harshness of weather.

Patience while Smoking

If you are planning to smoke your favorite meal in rain using an electric smoker, you should admit that it’ll take time smoking in such a cold temperature. Even though if there is summer, the rain will be enough to reduce the external temperature, leading you to a lower efficiency. So be patient during the whole process.

Use Dry Wood Chips

Generally, before using the wood chips, we soak them in water but here, there is no need soak the wood chips in water. The dry wood chips will be better to work for you. You can also use charcoals, but they aren’t the recommended ones. For sure, you would like to cook the meat with a greater smoke, and that can be achieved with dry wood chips.

Safety Precautions

Precautions are necessary for using any kind of electrical device, and when it comes to using an electric smoker in rain, it seems very crucial to carry out everything smoothly following proper precautions.

If your smoker gets wet due to rain, don’t worry about that. You can easily use that again. However, there is no any kind of evidence regarding this. So you should follow the proper guidelines for keeping everything fine.

  • Use an electric tester before touching your Electric Smoker in rain; if the light blinks don’t touch it. In other case carry on smoking.
  • If it is wet, wipe it out and make sure it is completely dry.
  • Make sure not to touch the electric smoker bear handed or bear footed.
  • If you are using an extension wire. Make sure it is fine and the wire is not broken anyway.

Precook the Meat

To avoid spending more time in rain, you can also pre cook your meat in an oven. This will help to focus on the taste of the meal instead of pulling you to care for the weather.

Pre cooking your meat could be an option for some time in the oven. For it will let you avoid the headache of managing your other activities during cooking. Cook the meat in the oven for some time, wrap it in a foil, put it inside the electric smoker and wait.

Fixing the Wind

You should remember the importance of wind during smoking as they provide oxygen for the process. But you cant ignore the fact that too much wind can spoil your meal. Especially when you are smoking in the rain. So you need to always be careful about the direction and speed of wind. Chose a location where the speed of wind is quiet lower and enough to help you smoke your meat.


Following the proper guidelines are very necessary before working with water and electricity. Smoking in rain, may not be as simple as it seems. Be careful about using the proper methods for using any electric smoker in rain or some other harsh weather. Pre cooking your meat before putting it inside the smoker can also be very beneficial in terms of time conservation.

Always stay patient during the whole process. Its normal for the smoker to take more time during rain. So, make sure to carry out everything smoothly with patience.

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