Story became more interesting when you come up to compare the ancient counterparts. Pellet Smoker vs Charcoal Smoker is the tale nevertheless a dilemma. In this article I will give you a sound hand in picking up one of them for a sound reason. A comparison chart followed by detailed reasoning will support you in making a wise decision.

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Pellet Smoker vs Charcoal Smoker-Comparison Chart

SectionPellet SmokerCharcoal SmokerWinner
Working MechanismPellet Smokers are outdoor cooking devices that use direct heat from food-grade compressed wood pellets to cook, smoke, or bake the food. The mechanism of cooking meat remains the same which is heat convection.A Charcoal Smoker is a device that cooks food with the help of burning charcoal’s smoky hot air over a long period of time. Charcoal smoker is something different than charcoal grills, don’t be confused. Some grilling brands sell charcoal operating devices with both a traditional grill and a smoker chamber as well. Charcoals have a separate charcoal chamber which send hot air and smoke to a smoking chamber attached to it.__
Top BrandsCamp Chef, Traeger, Z Grills, Green Mountain, Oklahoma Joe’s, Char GrillerWeber, Char-Broil, Realcook, Cuisinart, Masterbuilt, Charl-Griller__
Price Range200$-2000$200$-1000$Charcoal Smokers
Avg Temperature Range150F-500F150F-600FCharcoal Smokers
Best FoodsStrip Steak, Beef Brisket, Chipotle Rubbed Tri-TipApplewood Smoked Chicken, Smoked Beef Brisket, Smoked Spiral Ham__
UsabilityPellet Smokers are easier than Charcoal SmokersA bit tricky than Charcoal Smoekers__
Smoke StrengthPellet Smokers are less Stronger than charcoal in terms of smoke StrengthCharcoal have stronger smoke than Pellet SmokersCharcoal Smoker
Cooking OptionsHot Smoking, Cold Smoking, Searing, Roasting, GrillingCold Smoking, Searing, Hot Smoking, Liquid Smoking, Smoke Roasting__
Operating Cost240$+Auger Electric Cost if use 8 hours a day.
Costlier than Electric Smoker
8lbs of Charcoal Average for 8hours of smoking.
Expensive than Electric Smoker
Charcoal Smokers
Cleaning SystemPellet Smokers are easier to clean compared to Charcoal SmokersCharcoal Smokers are tricky to clean than Pellet Smokers.Pellet Smokers
Power SourcePellets+ Little Electric PowerLump Charcoal+ Briquettes__
Smoking CycleMost Pellet Smokers have built in Overnight Smoking SetupMost Charcoal Smokers can go OvernightCharcoal Smokers
Performance in ColdPellet Smokers are good to go in Cold but not as good as Charcoal SmokersCharcoal Smokers can do better than Pellet Smokers in ColdCharcoal Smokers

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