Best Electric Smoker under 500

Best Electric Smoker under 500-{Review and Buying Tips}

Comprehensive research is your right if you are spending 500 bucks for an electric smoker. Reading reviews are now days as confusing as you can’t guess whether the reviews are authentic or not. On some biased reviews, you may end up get a scrap and then regret on it.

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So in this article, we bring you the best electric smoker under 500$ for the value. Your quest for automation, ease of use, compatibility, capacity, and temperature consistency will be satisfied after the final reading.

We have bought only two best smokers between the price range of 400-500$. To get smokers on more tight price, you can give a 5 minute read to the best electric smoker under 400$ or/and the best electric smokers under 300$.

Best electric smoker under 500$

Image Product Details   Price
Masterbuilt MB20074719 Bluetooth Digital Electric Smoker
Racks: 4 Chrome Coated Racks
Temperature Range: 100F-275F
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Masterbuilt MES 430S Bluetooth Digital Electric Smoker
Racks: 4 Chrome Coated Racks
Temperature Range: 100F-275F
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Masterbuilt MB20074719 Bluetooth Digital Electric Smoker -Best Value

Best Electric Smoker under 500-
Masterbuilt MB20074719 Bluetooth Digital Electric Smoker

|Meat Probe Thermometer|

|1400 watt top broiler and 800-watt main element|

|One-Year Warranty|

|19.68 x 25.2 x 41.73 inches|

|66.31 Pounds|


|Stainless Steel|

|Electric Smoker|

|Bluetooth Controls|

|Side Wood Chip Loading|

|Four Chrome Coated Racks|

|Interior light|


Here we bring the review of the best masterbuilt smoker fewer than 500 dollars with full equipment. Masterbuilt MB20074719 is a fantastic smoker having a considerable capacity, stainless steel material and a side-wood-chip-loading-system. This masterpiece is easy to use and possessed the attribute of “set and be free”. With the Bluetooth feature, you do not need to look after the smoker repeatedly once you set up the food inside it.

With ample space, you can cook food for a big gathering up to 15 people in it.


Bluetooth Smart Technology

Have you ever searched for the best Bluetooth electric smoker under 500 dollars? If you are searching for the same, then I think there is no way better smoker than the under discussed. Yes Masterbuilt MB20074719 comes up with Bluetooth technology enabling you to sit and smoke. You can set any settings you want with your mobile phone. In addition to that, one can also observe the smoker’s current progress without going near to the smoker.

You can also view and tame your smoker’s settings via a digital control panel in addition to the above.

Meat Probe Thermometer

Does meat probe thermometer matter? Is it workable in this smoker? Yes, absolutely yes. Having a Bluetooth feature but not have a meat probe is non-sense. Master Built knows that they sent this smoker in the market with the best meat probe. The meat thermometer allows you to insight the meat’s accurate temperature instead of merely a guess.

Patented Side Wood Loading System

Loading wood chips by opening the door of the smoker brings following problems:

  1. May Burn your hand if you do it without gloves.
  2. Will evacuate a lot of heat and lessen the temperature affecting the quality of the food.
  3. Lose of smoke and thus the taste of the smoked food.

So, to get rid of these issues, Master Build designed this 40’’ smoker in such a way that you can load the wood chips from one side. This brings an ultimate level to the quality of the food and sets a lot of taste.

Chrome-Coated Smoking Racks

In smokers, the racks also have to bear the high temperature. If the shelves are fragile, it will not be a profitable deal. So Masterbuilt has designed chrome-coated frames for their users. Such material can bear extreme temperatures, acids, abrasion and corrosions. Besides this, chrome-coated racks are highly finished quality and can have an ability to retain against rust.

The apparatus possessed four chrome-coated racks having an ample space of cooking.


Masterbuilt Smoker’s Manufacturers has worked a lot on the aesthetics and focus on designing aesthetic, friendly smokers. This smoker has a light inside it which illuminates while your door is opened so that you may have a beautiful and clear view of your food. It is a fantastic view of a food lover and a hungry person.


The 40’’ smoker is fair enough to gallop a lot of food at once. Suppose you are a big family or a gathering for about 15 persons. This is a fine unit as it will take 16 chickens or 4 turkeys or 8 Pork Ribs or 8 Pork Shoulders at once.

Thermostat Controller

One can never have a good result for its food if the food is prone to temperature variation. Chef states that the consistent temperature is one of the most important reasons for good food.

This smoker is integrated with the thermostat controller, which implies that the temperature remains consistent throughout the smoking phase resulting in delicious and tender food.

Door Glass

You may be overwhelmed about what is going inside the smoker. The Master built is equipped with a door glass enables you to see what’s going on inside the smoker. You can observe the delicious smoked food transformations via a transparent glass on the front door.

  • Airtight as the smoke does not escape
  • Consistent with the Temperature
  • Dripping Don’t Fall in the Heating Element
  • Easy to assemble and clean

  • Visibility if LED display fades in sunlight
  • The smoker might not reach the highest temperature. Try cleaning the temperature sensor inside the unit
  • Wood Chip filler is a bit smaller

Top Tip

Since, it has a bluetooth control, don’t go more than 30 feets, as it lose control and won’t work optimally.


Editor’s Verdict

Searching for the smoker with all in one feature is a sort of hectic task. I would recommend you to go for this outdoor smoker as it will cut your burden half. It is easy to use, clean and maintains. Built contains the temperature in the smoker and does not let a lot of smoke to escape.

I have a personal experience with this smoker. It took me 15-20 minutes setting this up and I cooking ribs in my first attempt for 15 people, it was delicious and tasty.

It contains the money value as many are selling scrape in 500 dollars instead of a good smoker.

Masterbuilt MES 430S Bluetooth Digital Electric Smoker -Best Compatible

Best Electric Smoker under 500-
Masterbuilt MES 430S Bluetooth Digital Electric Smoker

17.96 x 19.32 x 34.26 inches|

|800-watt heating element|

|75.4lbs weight|

|4 Chrome Coated Racks|

|30″ Stainless|

|Corded Electric|

|Bluetooth Smoker|

|5-time control Settings|

|Highly Compatible|

|80F-275F temperature range|

|90-days warranty|


Mastering in smoking is like a piece of cake with this apparatus. While a pro guy can optimize his smoking mantra with this amazing automated instrument. Winning a smoking competition for a pro was a hectic task in the past, thanks to the Masterbuilt MES 430S, which reduced man efforts, manifold with the optimal outcomes. Barbecue enthusiast person can go for that as it will meet the expectations without any drawbacks. For the price range under 500, Master built masterpiece possesses all that one can need.


5 Smoke Time Control Settings

When you have decided to spend 500 dollars in a smoking apparatus, your smoker’s expectations become higher. You would love to have options for slow smoking to high heat smoking. In addition to that, you will also love to cook the meat till roisterer.

Bless to Master built, who has bought us this fantastic machine having all those features. You can opt any of the 5 settings to control the smoker time if you want low some to cook your food, it’s fair enough. Just opt the settings and let the smoker go on. Similarly, if you are in some highly smoker food mood, you can change the smoker settings form lower to higher without any hurdle.

Bluetooth Controls

You come back home after a tiring work and don’t want to focus on your cooking anymore. On the other hand, you have a burning desire for some smoked food. Here comes the giant smoker for you. You can control it from your mobile. Check the current settings anytime by just sitting on your couch or lying on an outdoor bed.

Just connect it one time with your smartphone. It is both iOS and Android compatible. You can connect to the smoker with any of our android device.

You can adjust and review your smoker’s temperature and time settings with your smartphone but merely connecting to the Bluetooth.

The meat temperature can be monitor form your mobile screen by the grace of the Bluetooth connectivity.

Digital View

With a digital control panel, you can view the settings of your smoker. In addition to that, you can also set the temperature and smoker quantity with the digital control panel.

Accessories Compatible

The built-in assessor ports in the unit allow some additional connectives to your smoker. You can enhance the useability of your smoker by simply connecting what you need for this smoker. Accessories like a rotisserie, side shelves can be bought separately to improve this smoker’s workability and to cook more foods at one time.

Meat Probe Thermometer

Cooking your food mere by looking at the condition of the food is a riskier choice. You may put your food out by the colour bluff of your food. Leaving it behind, Master built equipped this smoker with the meat probe thermometer to check the inside temperature of your food. This will amazingly help you to make your food final cooked. You will not get your brisket, ribs, sausages and any food under or overcooked.

Easy to Move

The 30’’ Stainless Steel Smoker with 75lbs of weight was never easy to move without a rear handle and wheels. You can move it from one place to another whenever you want. Taking it with you to the lake view party is as easy as home.

Chrome Coated Racks

With the 4 coated cooking racks and spacious 71 sq inches cooking area you can quickly cook for a gathering up to 12 or more people.  The chrome coated attribute allows you to clean the smoker after every use easily. Just slide a dishwasher over the racks, and your smoker will be shining like a new one.

  • The element heats up rapidly
  • Easy to Use
  • Expandable with Accessories
  • Door gets heated
  • Assembly Takes Time
  • Bluetooth Connectivity is not consistent

Top Tip

Use Wood Chunks instead of Wood Chips for an optimal outcome.


Editor’s Verdict

Though many customer support complaints about the smoker yet, it is the best electric smoker under 500 in the market. There is some Bluetooth connectivity problem with the smoker. Ignoring that, this smoker is many in one smoker. You can add assemblies to it as there are various ports to do so. There is an ample space to cook your food lying on your outdoor bed or sitting on your chair. Easy handling and versatile smoke settings make it one of the best electric smokers under 500 dollars for the beginners.

What to look for an electric smoker when you have 500$ to buy it?

It is human psychology that when he spends more money on getting a product, he is expecting more quality and facilities in it. In the modern era, automation is occupying the industries overall.


When you intend to spend about 500 dollars on a smoker, you must be searching it for commercial use. Commercial use means that you are going to use it for a bulk of people. For that, the smoker must have ample space in it to cook a big meal at once without losing the quality and taste. So the electric smokers having a capacity of 50lbs-70lbs must have opted for the money of 500.

In addition to that, the smoker’s capacity even if you want to use it occasionally. Like you may have a yearly decided plan of a gathering of your friends or family members. It is essential to have an immense capacity smoker that may cook for 15 to 20 people at once.


Capacity is not directly proportional to the number of racks. A giant smoker with a total of 70lbs may have only two racks. On the other hand, a big smoker with a capacity of 40 lbs may have 4 racks.

Besides this, it is also essential to consider whether the smoker has removable racks or not. If the racks are removable, then you can make the adjustments according to the need. For a removable rack, you can cook a big chunk of meat in one go or same quantity divided in various racks. Whereas, if the racks are not removable, then you cannot fit a big piece of meat all inside. There remains an only option for smoking the meat in parts.

So the following things must be considered, for racks, if you have decided to spend 500 dollars on a Smoker.

  1. The racks must be removable and adjustable so that you can alter it according to the need.
  2. The racks must of chrome coated and rust-resistant; they are easy to clean though. Spending 500 on a smoker which does not have chrome-coated racks is meaningless.

The smokers have more racks adjustable racks must be prioritized.

Wood Loading

Whether the smoker is using wood chips or pallets, the loading must be formed outside the smoker. A smoker must have outside loading option if you are spending about 500 dollars in a smoker. The reason is that when you load the wood by opening up the door, the temperature of the smoker goes down and you need to wait again to bring it back to the required temperature. It is annoying and must not be compromised when you have enough money to spend on a smoker.

Loading wood by opening the front door causes an immense increase in the smoker’s long-term operating cost, a life of the heating element, and more importantly, the taste of the food.

So, opting the smoker having an outdoor loading must be the priority of the buyer who has half of a thousand bucks in the pocket.


Securing your money is a rational decision. When you buy a smoker for 500 dollars, the warranty for that must be considered. This is one of the cons of online purchases that when the order arrives, it is sometimes broken, poorly treated and rusted. Sometimes wear, and tear occurs during transportation. To get rid of this, always chose the best brand and go for the one which has an extended maximum warranty.

Misc. Points

In addition to the explained, the smoker must also take the following essential attributes into account.

  • The wood pallet/sticks are burning or refilling turnover time. For example, a smoker bringing one wood pallet in 1 hour is better than the smoker burning it in just 40 mints.
  • The smoker must be versatile so that it can perform equally well in adverse temperature or when the breeze is blowing.
  • Easily moveable.
  • Insulated door opening so that your hand may not burn when you touch the door or open it.
  • One must choose the aesthetic design over an ugly one.
  • The heating element must be of good quality. It must have an attribute to the last longer despite short life span.

What is the best electric smoker under 500-The Wrap up

You have to be a bit choosy when it is the matter of big money. To build a well-reputed diner for you gathering you need a commercial or a big sized smoker. Sometime it is the matter of a family gathering when seldom happens. In those certain gatherings, guests expect delicious and high quality food. More specifically, when meat lovers has a hang out, they always goes for barbecue.

In such random or planned gathering, you can’t take a chance to ruin your party. We bring you the best electric smoker between 400-500 dollars for the value of your money. So once again have a brief list of the best electric smokers under 500 dollars.

  1. Masterbuilt MB20074719 Bluetooth Digital Electric Smoker-Best Value
  2. Masterbuilt MES 430S Bluetooth Digital Electric Smoker-Best Compatible

In case you are just a little shorted in your budget, you can have smokers under 200$ range without compromising on the quality.

  1. Best Electric Smoker under 200
  2. Best Small Electric Smoker

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